News recap. ZFE in Toulouse, Halles de la Cartoucherie…

In this week marked by the weekend of the ascension, the news has been rich. Resident parking will be restored for vehicles that no longer had access to it in the Toulouse ZFE, the Halles de la Cartoucherie will open on September 8, two Toulouse elected officials were heckled during a conference on Palestine and the versions divergent…it’s the news recap.

ZFE in Toulouse: resident parking soon restored for prohibited vehicles

A sign indicating the entrance to the ZFE in Toulouse. © Bryan Faham – The News

Since January 2023, resident parking has no longer been authorized for vehicles classified Crit’air 4 and 5. The owners of these vehicles will be able to benefit from it again from this summer or the second half of 2023.

Resident parking allows motorists to park in their neighborhood at a preferential rate by paying a subscription, without going through parking meters. It had been removed for the most polluting vehicles, prohibited from driving in the Toulouse ZFE, which covers the city center and part of the first ring.

The municipality has therefore decided to backtrack in view of the dissatisfaction of users who have a ZFE pass to park 52 days a year with a prohibited vehicle but who cannot park the rest of the time. The full article from our journalist.

The Halles de la Cartoucherie will open on September 8 in Toulouse

hall cartoucherie construction site toulouse works
The Halles de la Cartoucherie are still under construction. They will open on September 8 ©Florian Lefebvre

The final sprint is launched for the ambitious Les Halles de la Cartoucherie project, in the district of the same name. The businesses that will open there are gradually being revealed, and there will be something for everyone. Many food shops will be there, including 11 Occitan street-food restaurants. A market will also emerge.

The leisure offer will also be very important since 800 square meters will be reserved for a fitness class room, a cardio center and above all four squash courts, with a view of the main alley of Les Halles. A large 2,000 square meter climbing room will allow beginners and experienced climbers alike to come and practice climbing. On the cultural side, a cinema is being studied while a bookstore will be created as well as a performance hall, which will open its doors in February 2024, will host concerts, theatre, circus and shows at the “varied and inclusive programming” according to Bleu Citron, a production company that will ensure the cultural management of Les Halles. To discover all the shops present in the Halles de la Cartoucherie, it’s here.

Two Toulouse elected officials heckled at a conference on Palestine, the versions differ

Flags of Palestine. Photo credit: CC BY SA Brahim Guedich – Wikimedia commons

A conference-debate on Palestine turned sour on Tuesday May 16 at the Toulouse labor exchange. Two elected municipal officials were taken to task by pro-Palestinian activists and had to leave the place under boos. Among the conference participants were Nicole Yardeni, deputy mayor of the Pink City and former president of Crif in Toulouse, and Thierry Sentous, elected official in charge of street furniture. Both claimed to have come to discuss.

The tone then rose when Nicole Yardeni challenged Salah Hamouri on his use of the term “deported” when he recounts his expulsion. “Nicole Yardeni told him that the word was not the right one, but that he had been expelled, the term ‘deportee’ being reserved for people who had been in the concentration camps, or had never returned” , says the International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism in Toulouse. Heckled by those present, the two elected officials were then evacuated by the security service.

But the versions of the facts reported by the elected Nicole Yardeni and by the CGT 31 are different. The elected official believes that she was ” surrounded, challenged, threatened, insulted after a perfectly respectful speech, and finally jostled and expelled with unspeakable violence. »

But the secretary general of the CGT 31 is not of the same opinion. “Madame Yardeni was accompanied out of the Labor Exchange under protection, without violence, blows, insults or threats. Our security service even protected her against the jostling, provoked and finely organized on purpose by the Crif and the LDJ (Jewish Defense League), so that she gained the exit in complete safety”, supports Cédric Caubère in a communicated. According to him, the Regional Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France would have indeed “organized provocations in the room to try to prevent the conference from being held. » Full article here.

Education: an additional 120 million euros per year for teachers at the Toulouse Academy

The salaries of teachers at the Toulouse Academy will increase. CC BY-SA 4.0 Pauline Communication

The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron and the Minister of Education Pap Ndaye want to upgrade the profession of teacher, by the way, this time by remuneration. To do this, a national envelope of 3 billion euros has been released, of which 120 million euros will be allocated to the Toulouse Academy, which concentrates the departments of Ariège, Aveyron, Haute-Garonne, Gers, Lot, Hautes-Pyrénées, Tarn and Tarn-et-Garonne. The salaries of professors at the Toulouse Academy will thus increase.

The rector of the Academy Mostafa Fourar has detailed the measures that will apply to teachers in the region. To discover all these measures, click here.

The works planned on the Gagnac bridge in 2024 are canceled and here is what is planned instead

The Gagnac-sur-Garonne bridge. © 2023 Google – Google street view – Screenshot

Subject of some concerns and placed under sensors, the Gagnac-sur-Garonne bridge will not ultimately undergo the work that was planned. Finally, two scenarios are being studied. The first is to build a new bridge, while keeping the existing piers. This would widen the sidewalk and create a cycle path. The cost of this operation is estimated at 15 million euros.

The second scenario considers the construction of another bridge next to the existing one. The latter would be reserved for soft modes, while the new bridge would accommodate car traffic. The cost of this work is estimated at 22 million euros. The complete article.

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