No, your scale does not help you lose weight. On the contrary…

Did you know that the number displayed on your scale means absolutely nothing? There are a whole host of factors that affect your weight on a daily basis. Here are other ways to gauge your weight loss without stepping on your scale.

When we wish losing weightwe think that the balance is our best ally. Every week or every day, we climb on it to check that the kilos that ruin our lives are indeed flying away. But if the bathroom scale is useful for weight loss, it is not as essential as you think, for several reasons. Naomi, nutrition and health coach at Fitness Park explains everything to us.

To begin with, we must tell ourselves that our value does not reside in the weight we carry. Simply because year after year we can weigh exactly the same weight on the scale, but not have the same body. This is why it is very important to be able to refer to something else. “We must not stop weighing ourselves because the scale is always a good indicator of weight, but we must intelligently analyze the number displayed.” shares Naomi, Fitness Park coach. “We can very well have a weight gain that means absolutely nothing. It can be because of water retention or because we had a slightly fattier meal the day before and it’s not as long as we have gained fat.” adds the young woman. In effect, the weight always confronts other resultsin particular to the measurements.

Here are the most effective ways to assess weight loss:

1. Take your measurements

With a tape measure, regularly measure your waist, thighs, arms and buttocks. It is very common not to see any change in weight, but to see a nice loss of centimeters in targeted areas.

2. Take Before/After Photos

Again, just because your weight isn’t moving doesn’t mean your body isn’t getting leaner. To have proof of this, take regular photos of your silhouette, front and back, to visually assess the change made.

3. Trust your clothes

Clothing is also a very good indicator of fat loss. You can finally close the button of your favorite jeans or have gained a notch in your belt? Don’t overlook these small victories!

Why does your weight displayed on the scale mean absolutely nothing?

As you will have understood, the weight varies enormously from one moment to another. It has been proven that in a single day, the weight can change by more or less 2 kilos. This obviously depends on what we eat, our food bolus, our tendency to retain water, menstrual cycles, intestinal transit… Here is why it is essential to take a step back from the number displayed and to associate it with other parameters in order to maintain a healthy relationship with its weight.

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