not obvious to set up as a farmer

Delphine: agricultural studies, consultant in para-agricultural before… finally settling down!

Delphine’s parents were farmers, dairy farmers precisely, having stopped the cows at the time of the 2009 milk crisis to only grow cereals and potatoes. But become a farmer And take over the family farm were not obvious to her. “I was looking for myself. Fortunately, my family is open and let me go and see something else, elsewhere. If I wanted to come back, I would do it later, I had time,” she recalls. After high school, she nevertheless entered the Purpan agricultural engineering school in Toulouse.

My family left me to pick me up.

“I developed there all the technical and entrepreneurial skills necessary in this sector, to be a producer or to exercise other professions, even in other fields”, underlines the young woman of 32 years, originally from Picardy. And she met her husband there, Fabien, who comes to her from Cantal. They work ten years as agricultural advisers in the department, he in the bank, she in the chamber of agriculture, specializing in training. “Para-agricultural is often criticized but is a very good way to gain experience. Placed on the other side, we better understand the factors of success and the difficulties of the farms”, analyzes Delphine.

The para-agricultural to make his weapons.

Because the couple’s project, ultimately: settle in agriculture together. “We wanted to live farming profession on a daily basis for some time now. Three years ago, we said to ourselves that we had to take the plunge,” she explains. Again, not everything goes as planned. No structure visited in the Cantal corresponds to their criteria (breeding, grassland system, size sufficient to generate two incomes, presence of a dwelling house). It is in the Dordogne that they end up finding their happiness!

Constance: “I said ‘never that’… It took me several clicks! »

Constance also grew up in the north of France, in a farming family producing cereals and potatoes. “As a teenager, I couldn’t see myself in it at all, I even said ‘never!’ “, remembers the young woman, who turned to law. 10 years ago, his father, who had always been passionate about Saint-Émilion wine and vineyards, bought several plots of vines there, a “click”.

I couldn’t see myself in it at all, until…

“I thought ‘why not’”, says Constance, initially interested in wine trade and marketing. So she undertakes the studies for. During his internships, a new “click”. “I preferred to spend my days outside than behind a desk! And perform tasks that are not alike every day, she says. I wanted to master all the aspects of the profession of winegrower, so also take care of production. In order to acquire the technical know-how, she trained, by correspondence in one year, and obtained her BTS.

Source: round table “Agriculture: to each his installation”, organized as part of the 6th installation/transmission day which was held during the Salon de l’agriculture de Nouvelle-Aquitaine 2023, from May 13 to 21, in replay on the website.

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