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VIDEO. Whether it’s justice, animals or food… the experts of “You are great” on France 3 answer all the questions you ask yourself. Use the form below to contact a lawyer, veterinarian and dietitian who regularly appear on the show.

Every week or every month, experts from Bourgogne-Franche-Comté come to the set of the program “You are great” in Dijon to talk about their specialty.

Whether they are lawyers, veterinarians or nutritionists, they give us practical advice and answer questions that viewers and Internet users may have.

  • Fabien Kovac, lawyer in Dijon, regularly discusses everyday issues related to justice.
  • Jean-Jacques Dentz, veterinarian in Talant, is good advice to take care of his dog, his cat or any other animal.
  • And Aurélia Jourdan-Garcia, dietician-nutritionist in Dijon, knows how to reconcile us with eating well.

During previous broadcasts, here are the answers given by our experts on the subjects you wanted us to address.

Question from Sandra de Sochaud to our animal specialist, Jean-Jacques Dentz, veterinarian at Talant.

My cat is sneezing, what should I do?

Our specialist advises him to go to the vet. Regular sneezing can be symptoms of the virus responsible for the “cat coryza” syndrome. There are also allergies in cats. Cats can suffer from asthma, whereas it is exceptional in dogs. It is important to check the maintenance of the general state of the animal… It is necessary to make sure that the cat always feeds well. If he no longer feeds, you must consult a veterinarian quickly.

Question to Aurélia Jourdan-Garcia, dietician-nutritionist in Dijon.

What are the causes of obesity in the youngest?

In France, 20% suffer from obesity or overweight. It is necessary to prevent because it is a disease that progresses every year.

The main cause of obesity is not genetic, but it is the evolution of eating habits and lifestyles. A huge sedentary lifestyle of the youngest does not help: children are less active than before and therefore energy expenditure slows down compared to intake. And finally, another cause, the overconsumption of very fatty and very sweet products which create addictions.

Question from Richard to Beraune for Fabien Kovac, lawyer in Dijon.

My neighbor is threatening to sue me for walking my dog ​​off leash in the condo park. Does he have the right?

It depends on the dog. Only dogs in categories 1 and 2 must be muzzled and kept on a leash, regardless of the place of walk. Apart from these categories, there are no regulations provided for by law. You must refer to the co-ownership regulations: if nothing is provided for pets, then there is no risk that the neighbor will take legal action.

You too, ask your questions and we will answer them in the program “You are great” presented by Pascal Gervaize.

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And don’t forget, “You are great” is from Monday to Friday at 10:00 a.m. on France 3 Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. To see and review on the france.tv platform.

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