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Stay all his life in the same box? A boomer’s dream. Today, generations Y and Z (born between 1978 and 2000) change companies like shirts. And often even trades. A trend exacerbated by the health crisis. A study by the MaFormation (HelloWork) platform, dating from March 2022, indicates that the pandemic has made one in two French people want to retrain.

But the task is difficult for the converted: 42% of respondents found the exercise quite difficult, 15% very difficult. What are the professions that are recruiting to change careers as quickly as possible and/or whose training can be financed? Here are six examples, in different professional sectors

  • 1 Web editor

  • He looks like a journalist, but he’s not a journalist. If the web editor must know how to write, he is above all part of a digital marketing and SEO strategy in order to make his content as visible as possible on search engines. Dozens of training courses exist from a few hours to several dozen and can be financed by the personal training account (CPF). Advantage of the job, he can practice freelance for those who no longer want to have a boss on their backs.

  • 2 Teacher

  • In chronic shortage, the profession is recruiting. And can be practiced very quickly by the contractual way with a simple license, in particular for the sectors most in tension (sciences, mathematics, German…). As for the competitions, they are accessible with a master’s degree and can be prepared throughout the year by exercising a professional activity.

  • 3 Caregiver

  • Like nurses, caregivers are very courted. The advantage? The training is prepared in just one year compared to three and a half years for that of a state-certified nurse (IDE). It can take place alternately for those under 30, through nursing assistant training institutes (Ifas). For job seekers, aid to return to work can be granted under conditions.

  • 4 Security Officer

  • Goal Olympics! In a year, the Olympic Games will take place in Paris and the needs in terms of private security are expected to be colossal. In January, GĂ©rald Darmanin announced that 22,000 security guards
    private security would be recruited for the event. At that time, the Minister of the Interior assured that half of the recruitments had been filled. Many training courses exist, lasting a few months, eligible for the CPF.

  • 5 Military

  • There is the uniform, the attention and the Marseillaise. But behind the folklore of the army, there can also be an attractive professional project at the time of retirement at 64 years old. That of enjoying his old age earlier. Career officers are entitled to a full pension after 27 years of service, compared to 20 for contract officers. Non-commissioned officers can receive a full pension after 17 years of service. Only downside for a reconversion under the flags, it is necessary to be aged less than 29 years (25 for the air force).

  • 6 Baker

  • Hot croissants, hot! If the smell of pastries and fresh bread tickles your nostrils just by reading these lines, perhaps you are one of the contenders for a retraining in this increasingly popular profession. According to the National Bakery and Pastry Confederation, former managers represented 20% of new installations in 2019. The icing on the cake, the CAP can be prepared alternately. Is everything as rosy as the praline of brioches in the world of baking? In addition to the sustained pace of the business, the increase in costs (energy and raw materials) has considerably weakened the sector. In Brittany, around forty bakeries
    lowered the curtain after six months of inflation.

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