Retraining: why choose craftsmanship?

Craftsmanship includes around 250 different trades. In France, one in four companies is artisanal. Craft trades are often chosen for professional retraining. Despite better working conditions, all these professions are struggling to recruit.

Living from your passion, exercising a profession closer to your values, becoming self-employed are all motivations for considering a professional retraining. The Chambers of Craftsmanship (CMA) offer tailor-made support for all professional projects.
The craft trades have gone through a difficult period. Certain trades were unable to exercise during the confinements, in particular the catering trades. This first crisis was followed by the increase in energy prices, which greatly penalized bakers, for example. Sebastien Kugler, President Deux-Sèvres Chamber of Craftsmanship
, specifies that many craft trades are struggling to recruit. He recalls that these professions which support the local economy cannot offer telework and cannot be relocated.

Support for CMAs

For any professional retraining, the Chamber of Craft Trades can offer support depending on the project. Professional development advisers support employees who want to change direction. CMAs can meet training needs for certain trades, to support the creation or takeover of businesses. For certain regulated professions, it is necessary to obtain a diploma in order to practice. Diploma that can be offered by the CMA. The Validation of Acquired by Experience (VAE) is a good way to obtain a diploma by putting together a file.

I wanted to do this job for a very long time”

Many craft trades have been upgraded in recent years, contrasting with the “royal road”, that of higher education. Today, the path to excellence is that of craftsmanship with effective, adapted training and jobs at stake. Retraining in a craft trade is often “a long-standing personal project” observes Sébastien Kugler. Cyril Deschamps confirms it: he was a plumber for a few years, then a territorial agent for 19 years, before choosing to live from his passion. At 47, he launched his activity as a stained glass artist in Champigny-en-Rochereau ” Liryc stained glass. “I had wanted to do this job for a very long time, I never had the courage to leave my job with job security to get into this job, it was never the right time to TO DO.“He took the plunge three years ago:”you only live one life, I wanted to do a craft, to do something with my hands, to be happy and satisfied with the work I was doing.

Wages have increased by 15%”

Working conditions in the craft trades have improved. Sébastien Kugler specifies that “salaries have increased by 15% in crafts since the post-Covid period“. Which should attract candidates, but which is not quite the case: all the craft sectors are in tension and are really struggling to recruit. This concerns catering, building trades, carpentry , the air conditioning trades or services.
people want time“, notes Sébastien Kugler, who in addition to being president of the Chamber of Crafts of Deux-Sèvres is a hairdresser in Niort. To adapt, some craft businesses have set up a four-day week. “Business leaders are very attentive to the needs“. Nevertheless, “It’s missingaccording to Sébastien Kugler “8000 hairdressers in France“.

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