Robin Le Guennic, faithful heart Grizzly

At the club forever, Robin Le Guennic has taken the steps step by step. Until the first division. He faces Grenoble with the Grizzlys this Sunday at 1 p.m., at the Parc des Sports.

There are routes that command admiration. That of Robin Le Guennic, 29 years old (1.72 m, 75 kg) is one of them, because this native Breton but Salanquais by adoption, has defended the black and gold jersey since its creation. We are in 2012 and some crazy friends, US football fans, decide to plant some balls with pointed ends on the near Saint-Laurent-la-Salanque. A curiosity in a territory where the oval leather bounces without half-time, but with the current president Laurent Aliu in mind and the assistant coach Farid Kachour, a Leisure team is then born. Among this band of neo-footballers, a certain Robin Le Guennic. Crampons on the feet and helmet on the head a little by chance, but above all, by opportunity.
“I’ve always been a fan of US sports and the shows that go with it. I watched it on TV and it fascinated me. And more particularly American football with the NFL and the Super Bowl. So I tested and I never left. In total, twelve seasons of loyalty to the club. And levels climbed one by one according to the seasons. Alongside his friends, Hedi Razaly and Pascal Pla too, with the Grizzlys from the start, Robin le Guennic learned patience and the rudiments of discipline as safety (back). Until becoming an essential element in D1. To get there, the owner of a snack bar in the Halles de Perpignan has no secrets to reveal.

Lebron James, the reference

In his eyes, only work offers a legitimate reward. “To evolve at this level, an irreproachable lifestyle is essential. In addition to the weekly workouts, I practice bodybuilding almost every day because you have to take the shocks, at the risk of getting screwed! We find most of the time in front of us, players who are real professionals and it hits hard. It’s either making sacrifices to be up to it, or doing something else on Sunday afternoons…” His greatest source of inspiration? American basketball player, Lebron James. “I admire this guy for his sports ethic, his perseverance, his culture of winning. When I have a soft spot, I sometimes think of him and it puts me back in the saddle. All things considered, Le Guennic clearly has something of the giant of the Los Angeles Lakers. “Robin is a guy who never backs down, assures his coach Enver Ramovic. He has a warrior’s mind. It is an example for the youngest to follow”. And Grizzly through and through with that. As evidenced by his imposing signet ring stamped “Grizzlys family” with his name engraved on it and the date of the title of French D3 champion in 2018, blown to the Dragons of Paris, 30-14. But Robin Le Guennic would see himself removing his ring one of these days, to replace it with a new one, version 2023…
Alain Bonneriez

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