Ronit Roy’s got the RAD bod, not the DAD bod, at age of 57! Check out his stunning fitness | Bollywood

You might feel the need to hit the gym right away, if you don’t already, after seeing his pictures. Ronit Roy is 57 right now, but his physique will not tell you the same.

Actor Ronit Roy was recently seen in the film Bloody Daddy.
Actor Ronit Roy was recently seen in the film Bloody Daddy.

His recent Insta story had him flaunting his ripping muscles and an eight pack abs. “I am very hungry right now. I have always been that, but I am in the hungriest phase of my life. I cannot ever retire, that word doesn’t come into my mind. Two-three days in Goa to chill are fine, but I cannot sit at home more than that. I need to be working all the time. Having said that, I am thinking of the next 25 years. I cannot obviously work if I am not fit,” he says.

What inspires him to work out is working with young co stars. “They inspire me. I am not competing with people of my age, but the 25, 30-year-old ones. One thought is I want to be better than them, so I am going to try, that’s the fight,” adds Roy.

Actor Ronit Roy talks to HT City about his physique at the age of 57.
Actor Ronit Roy talks to HT City about his physique at the age of 57.


“It’s normal. I do more strength training, less cardio. I am on a 16-8 intermittent diet. My diet is low carb, high protein. I am a vegan, a couple of weeks back, I gave up eggs too. It’s difficult but manage karna padhta hai,” tells us the actor, known for his performances in films such as Udaan and 2 States.

He was prompted to put up a pic of him bare bodied, which he does rarely if you check out his profile, by his fans. Did he also think this would inspire people? “I don’t feel I am competent enough to give advice. If somebody gets inspired by what I do, that’s very good. But that’s not the agenda. I try and give my fans what they ask for. `It’s because of them I am what I am. My wife has taken a picture of my back, and I posed it, people asked ‘front ka kahaan hai?’ Maine kaha chale le lo yaar,” he laughs.

Does he feel the need to stay in this shape at this age, when people generally tend to let go of themselves, because that would translate into better work?

Roy says, “I don’t know. But a wise man once said ‘if you are a soldier, then your weapon should always be sharpened and ready to go’ Whether than translates into work or not is a different story. When it does, I will look much better on screen. I owe that to my audience and fans, they don’t want to see a lollipop going around.”

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