Rugby players from Blagnac in Haute-Bigorre

A successful stay for the rugbywomen from Blagnac who came to recharge their batteries in Haute-Bigorre. The Bigorra Events company was, of course, very caring.

A well-deserved rest for the young players of the Blagnac women’s rugby team who have been welcomed to the territory to take a break rich in activities and outings, as François Lascorz confided for the company Bigorra Events: “Bigòrra Évents has concocted, with the help of the staff, a rich and original program with the aim of recharging and forging ties before the important deadlines to come, in particular with the return to the group of the 6 French internationals who returned from the tournament of 6 nations.

They have, throughout the weekend, participated in a wide variety of activities!”.

A setting that lends itself to walks but also to contemplation, this is what was offered to the sportswomen: “Starting with the two training sessions at Luc, including one open to the public who responded present, by coming to contemplate these players of the elite of women’s rugby and even being able to enjoy a photo and autograph session. This was followed by an excellent meal prepared by the leaders of the ESCA club, whom we warmly thank”.

On Sunday, despite capricious weather, Aneto Sport was able to make its professionalism speak for itself by providing an electric mountain bike outing and even an 18-meter abseiling descent in the Chiroulet area, one thing is certain is that they will remember: “Proud of our terroir: the addition of Pyrenean songs and a refuge was mandatory, something carried out in the heights of the Col des Palomières with the help of the essential duo Jean-Claude Viau and Jean-Noël Pichon who will have made sing the girls and the staff until late at night.

Heading for Aquensis

For the last day, the contrast was striking between the morning and the afternoon: “In the morning, it was a cohesion outing in the hard under the orders of “Bambi” who made the group evolve in the aisles and the virgin du Bédat with a load of equipment to carry which forced the girls to surpass themselves throughout the course and the tests.

In the afternoon, it was much more relaxing in the unmissable waters of Aquensis to end this lovely weekend”.

Special mention to the Camping de L’Adour which welcomed the 28 players, staff and managers on its beautiful shores throughout the stay. Another successful stay for Bigorra Events: “We wish this nice group success and courage for the future, hoping that the air of Bigorre will be prolific for this end of the season.”

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