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Saint-Aubin en Bray is in the final of the Objois Cup
Saint-Aubin en Bray is in the final of the Objois Cup. ©L’Eclaireur-Dispatch

Two clubs from country of Bray will be present on the FC Chambly field on Thursday May 18 to participate in the Oise cup finals. FC Saint-Aubin-en-Bray for the Objois cup, the most prestigious after the Oise cup. FC Saint-Aubin will play against Ormoy Duvy club of upper division.

the ace Ons-en-Bray will meet Maignelay-Montigny for the Patoux challenge.

Result for FC Saint-Aubin-en-Bray

FC Saint-Aubin en Bray, a departmental division 2 club, has played two challenges, Roudy in 2017 and Normand in 2018, which it won but has never yet reached such a high level as the cup. Obey.

Gilles Bvennec, present at the club for 40 years, had never experienced this.

It’s a club event. I am very proud of the players.

Gilles Bvennec

The Saint-Aubin-en-Bray club has played its cup matches against departmental divisions 1 and often away. It’s been a great year for the club. The support is practically guaranteed, so everything for the cut” adds the secretary.

“I took over the team during the year,” explains coach Sébastien Debris. The management team, with its president Gérard Cofflard, reformed the club five years ago.

This final is a culmination. It’s not every year that we go to the Objois Cup final. We did the job and we are already happy. We will go to Chambly without pressure.

Sebastien Debris

The players worked a lot physically at the start of the year. Today training is more focused on the game as well as on the mind.

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Serious preparation for AS Ons en Bray
Serious preparation for AS Ons-en-Bray for the Patoux challenge. ©L’Eclaireur-Dispatch

A first for AS Ons-en-Bray

The second club of the Pays de Bray, AS Ons-en-Bray will play the final of the Patoux challenge. The club has come a long way.

Starting from zero in the offseason in the fifth division with a senior team, we end with a Patoux challenge final and perhaps a rise in division 4 in the league.

Gregory Bellay, club president

For the president, this final is a reward for all those who stayed with him. Some could have left to play at a higher level. “There is a great solidarity at the club. We are a group of friends on the field and off the field,” adds Grégory Bellay.

Two coaches, Renaud Gambier and Guillaume Duda are in charge of the team as well as a trainer Julien Garnier. “This is a first for the club. We will spend the day together, have breakfast before the final. It’s a reward for everyone,” explains Guillaume Duda.

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