Sarthe. Dogs: they organize the 42nd National Auvergne braques breeding

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Pascal and Elisabeth Huger Brains-sur-Gée Braque d'Auvergne
Pascal and Elisabeth Huger are based in Brains-sur-Gée. ©Julie HURISSE

AT Brains-sur-Gée (Sarthe), Elisabeth and Pascal Huber are organizing the 42nd National Breeding Braque d’Auvergne, Saturday, May 20, 2023. A competition open to General public who wishes to discover or rediscover the breed.

At home, four pointers frolic happily, sticking the slightest visitor. On the fireplace, several cups show the exploits of their four legs in numerous competitions.

Farmer, Pascal Huber has been a lover of this relatively unknown dog breed for many years. Hunter, he had several dogs. He discovered this breed in 2016.

“We went to pick her up in Apte, in the Vaucluse. »

“They are very nice dogs”

“I appreciate their aesthetics, their hunting temperament, he is a tenacious dog”. And he likes the family dog ​​side just as much, their “glue pot” side.

They adapt to everything, they are very nice dogs.

Pascal Huber

A year later, the couple approached the Association Réunion Amateur des Braques d’Auvergne (RABA) to have Laska confirmed.

She gets the precious sesame, but after an infection she has to be sterilized.

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The couple would like to do some breeding to improve their line of dogs. “We bought Mistie. The couple “get caught up in the game” and put her through beauty and work contests.

The dog has her first litter in October 2019. “We kept Pinta. And the couple chose an affix to mark their breeding: it will be Pinta des rives de Doucelles.

The same year, Pascal Huber became delegate of the Pays de la Loire region and Ille-et-Vilaine for RABA. Elisabeth becomes treasurer.

Every two years they organize a Natural Aptitude Test for dogs of the breed. In 2022, Pinta, just as rewarded as her mother, in turn has a litter. Again, Elisabeth and Pascal are keeping a puppy, it will be Tess.

Braque d'Auvergne dog puppy
Pinta and her babies. ©Julie HURISSE

“The pleasure of having puppies”

Each time, by carefully choosing the male, the couple improves the lineage of their Braques d’Auvergne. It is already marked as fast.

You have to find the middle ground. Tess is a little slower, as we found a slower male in Pinta.

Pascal Huber

In one room, three Pinta puppies are playing with their mother. “We do a little breeding,” explains Elisabeth.

“It’s not our job, we only give them one litter a year, it’s mainly to renew our small herd and it’s the pleasure of having puppies. »

The couple like to share her passion of the breed.

The 42nd National breeding, which they organize in Brains, will see 64 pointers from Auvergne of 40 owners come from all over the region and Ille-et-Vilaine.

A beautiful day ahead for dog lovers and more particularly braques d’Auvergne.

National breeding, Les Touches site in Brains-sur-Gée, Saturday May 20, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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