So that an AI never replaces you, you will have to practice one of these 34 professions

Roof bolter, a job with a future? According to OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, yes. Faced with the dazzling success of AI, the firm has unveiled its list of 34 professions that can never be replaced by the large language models (LLM) of artificial intelligence, reports South West.

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It can be found in a long study entitled “GPTs are GPTs: a first look at the labor market impact of large language models”, published on March 27 and conducted by OpenAI, OpenResearch and the University of Pennsylvania. Spoiler alert : these are mostly manual trades which are already essential today. In case you want to retrain, here they are – listed in alphabetical order:

Meat slaughterer and packer

Assistant roofer (the construction or repair of roofs)

Helper mason, block mason, stonemason, tiler and marble worker

Carpenter’s helper

Helper painter, paperlayer, plasterer and stucco worker (stucco specialist)

Plumber’s helper, plumber, pipe fitter and heater fitter

Athlete and sports competitor

Roof bolter in the mining industry (fastening bolts)


Operator of paving, surfacing and tamping machinery

Hand cutter and pruner

Fast food cook

Meat, Poultry and Fish Cutter and Trimmer

Manufacturer of foundry molds and cores

Power line installer and repairer

Vehicle glass installer and repairer

Dishwasher (for dishes, not in water)

Cement mason and concrete finisher

Bus and truck mechanic and diesel engine specialist

Motorcycle mechanic

Pile Driver

Oil and Gas Extractor Operator

Oil Rig Operator, Oil & Gas

Conversely, a little higher in the study, there is a list of professions that could very easily be replaced by AIs. If you plan to become a mathematician, financial analyst, author, writer, web interface designer or tax preparer – or if you already practice this profession – beware, you are on the front line.

Ditto for accountants, legal secretaries, administrative assistants, clinical data managers or climate change policy analysts. And we won’t be clever for very long either, because even the professions of information analysts, reporters and journalists are in the same boat.

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