Sports recovery: 3 methods to effectively relieve aches after your sports sessions

In addition to a healthy lifestyle and regular sports sessions, there are recovery methods to relieve the body. Here are 3 technologies you must try!

The body of an athlete also needs a moment of recovery. This essential step, in parallel with a healthy life, helps reduce muscle fatigue (and therefore the risk of injury) And to improve performance. It also helps to relieve aches following an overly intensive sports session. The coaches advise‘perform an active recovery, that is, to continue for a few more minutes at a much lower intensity your final movement. Stretching should not be neglected. And other technologies still allow more result on the body. Explanations.

Sports recovery: how to relieve aches?

Don’t forget that the sports recovery is a major asset to be more and more efficient. In parallel with active recovery and stretching, these 3 technologies help the body recover.

1. Compression boots

Although not very glamorous, this device offers real results on muscle fatigue using compression and release technology. That is, the boots inflate and deflate to create pressure at different points on the leg, helping to improve blood circulation. This action increases blood flow to your legs, which helps move waste products around, so your body can get rid of them faster. First considered a medical device, compression boots are often found in fitness studios and physiotherapy practices. If you are very sporty and your budget allows it, you can also buy them to enjoy at home.

2. The massage gun

Another high-tech device appreciated by sportswomen is the high frequency massage gun which has the advantage of being easy to use and portable. It’s clearly not the most pleasant moment of the day when you use it because it stimulates the muscle directly and more particularly a band of connective tissue called “fascia.” Relaxing the fascia allows the muscles to relax too. On the contrary, when the fascia is tense, your muscles have trouble positioning themselves correctly, which leads to injury.

3. Cryotherapy

Did you know that when you exercise, your body produces toxins that are important to eliminate? That is why cryotherapy is a good option. Faced with polar cold, your body will eliminate toxins and oxygenate your muscles. This technology has many benefits for the body: it reduces muscle pain, tightens blood vessels, prevents the appearance of edema… Combined together, its properties allow‘improve recovery and reduce the appearance of body aches.

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