Squeezie talks about level gaps and GP Explorer 2 training

Squeezie spoke about supporting new drivers as they approach the GP Explorer 2, scheduled for September 2023.

The GP Explorer 2 adventure has begun. But unlike the first edition, the event must now deal with new and old drivers, mixed through 12 teams. As Squeezie explained live, the coaching had to evolve to precisely take into account these different degrees of learning.

“If it’s your first time doing F4, does he start, and this is the case for all newcomers, what we offer you in terms of lessons is better than last year. For example, last year, we always had two bands. This year there are three groups. That is to say that people who are in difficulty are really in a separate group, and have some kind of separate sessions with specific objectives..

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Squeezie: “Education and the FFSA have progressed”

Obviously, depending on the candidates’ affinities with the automotive world or simply their experience, the level is different. More than that, the theoretical and practical courses could also evolve according to the first experience. “In fact, I would tend to tell you that they are much better supervised than we were last year when we were newhe says. The teaching and the French Motorsport Federation (FFSA) have progressed, the teacher, Pierre, is fantastic and has really set goals. He explains things step by step”.

In 2022, several pilots considered to have been “thrown into the deep end”, this year the sessions are apparently more progressive. “The only ‘disadvantage’ they have – and even if they do simulators they won’t have it, confides Squeezieis that we, in the end, will necessarily have driven more on the D-Day circuit, the Bugatti circuit, because we did the GP Explorer 1. Because all the training sessions for GP 1, it was at the Bugatti“.

In 2023, the circuits and the environment change. The “new” will therefore have fewer benchmarks, but they will however be more comfortable at the wheel. “When you drive on the same circuit all the time, you certainly know the circuit, but you do almost mechanical tasks without really understanding what you are doing, continues the YouTuber. It doesn’t mean that you really understand how the car reacts, the front/rear traction, measures the grip, etc. These are things that you understand when you change circuits.”.

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