Table tennis. Lorient regional tournament: the Hennebontais Gillen and Maltizov make the buzz

Folclo Lorient Regional Tournament

This meeting, scheduled only a week after the end of the team competition season, allowed the various players to exercise their talent without restraint. Especially in the main draw (TCM), which was particularly high with the participation of several table tennis players from GV Hennebont (B), who play in National 2. In this one, the Irish hope of Gvhtt Alexander Gillen (n° 540 FFTT), won by beating in the final the Estonian U17 player Andréi Maltizov (cl 16), also holder of the Hennebontaise reserve, who missed by a breath accession to N1 (highest amateur level. Another member of the blue house Théo Latteux (cl16), completes the podium, in the company of the landernéen Benjamin Riou (cl18) The Estonian table tennis player, Andréi Maltizov, international in the youth categories in his country and who will be numbered FFTT at the start of the next season, otherwise won the table 1050-1699 points.


Main board (TCM): 1. Alexander Gillen (Ireland, GV Hennebont, #540 FFTT); 2. Andréi Maltizov (Estonia, GV Hennebont, cl16); 3. Theo Latteux (GV Hennebont, cl16); 3. Benjamin Riou (Landerneau, cl18).

Table 1050-1699 pts: 1. Andréi Maltizov (Estonia, GV Hennebont, cl16); 2. Leo Mahieux (ES Plescop, cl16); 3. Grégoire Lognone (ES Plescop, cl16); 3. Julien Lision (US Vern, cl14).

Table 850-1399 pts: 1. Thomas Dano (CTT Vannes-Menimur, cl13); 2. Adrian Mallet (Ploemeur 56 TT, cl13); 3. Malik Gopaul (GV Hennebont, cl 13); 3. Yanis Hollard (BO Questembert, cl10).

Table 650-1099 pts: 1. Briac Le Bot (FL Lanester, cl10); 2. Mathis Merlier (Gulf TT, cl9); 3. Karim Adeleke (FLK Lorient, cl10); 3. Alexandre Thiell (Folclo Lorient, cl10.

Table 500-899 pts: 1. Timéo Saout (Landerneau, cl8); 2. Basile Combe (CEP Lorient, cl8); 3. Antoine Dupont (Plouray TT, cl8); 3. Jonathan Morel (RP Fouesnant, cl8).

Table 500-699 pts: 1. Camille Pennamen (Quimper, cl6); 2. Elwyn Chenelle (BO Questembert, cl6); 3. Hervé Durand (CTT Erdeven, cl6); Jean-Alain Le Page (Bruz, cl6).

Table (TCF): 1. Alwena Brix (Quimper CTT, cl14); 2. Chloe Fraser (GV Hennebont, cl12); 3. Aurélie Le Roux-Sylvester (Folclo Lorient, cl9); 3. Aurélie Le Breton (Folclo Lorient, cl8).

Handisport table: 1. Bruno Le Moal (Moelan TT); 2. Stanislas Dusson (Baud); 3. Hervé Roullay (Cleguer); 3. Arnaud Kergosien (Ploemeur 56 TT).

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