The balance of power, why and how to exercise it?

When asked about the cohesion between the orientations of the organizations forming the CSN, several participants mentioned the importance of “starting from the base”.

“It has to start from the floor and not the other way around,” said some. “I left another organization exactly for that: we were managed. We had no control over our union”. Others, however, qualified. “When an organization – a central council for example – votes on its orientations, it comes from the members. The unions also have a duty to bring these orientations to life, to bring them back to the floor and to lead the debates there. It starts from the base, it goes up, and it has to come down. »

On the eternal challenge of fostering member participation, many stressed the importance of effective communication. By effective, we have understood “which provokes listening and generates a dialogue”. Others mentioned the need to fully understand the members’ reality. In many unions, reaching out to foreign workers is a great challenge. “With us, it’s 30 to 40% of our workforce. So we changed our methods to move towards a more family-oriented, more community-based approach and it worked! Some said that they had made room on the executive committee for workers from diverse backgrounds. “We didn’t wait for them to come to us. We took the lead. Their contribution is invaluable. »

Regarding what should be the priority of political actions that denounce the injustices experienced by workers, the more effective sharing of wealth has been widely called for. “The richest in this world make 300 times more than the rest of us. There’s money on that side of the fence. They just don’t want to share it. Some spoke of the importance of sharing not to give back to individuals, but rather to the collective. “In CPEs, we have more and more children with special challenges. We need help, we need support. The sharing of wealth must also serve the collective. »

Regarding the holding of eventual states general on trade unionism, most were in favor of this kind of exercise. Of course, the delicate question of the media image of trade unionism caused a reaction. “We are shown as complainers, while we represent the solutions. The world needs to understand that. However, the importance of union succession stood out as one of the priority issues. “If we are able

to attract the next generation, to convince more and more people, there will be fewer left to gossip about the unions. Succession is the key. »

Finally, the analysis, development and exercise of the balance of power were targeted as priorities. Some have emphasized the importance of correctly calculating the landing following the muscular exercise of a balance of power. “When your balance of power is very solid, the members know it and expect results of the same magnitude. The deal has to be strong, otherwise your members will be disappointed. Hence the importance of carefully analyzing the evolution of the situation throughout a negotiation. »

The resolutions will be debated and voted on tomorrow.

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