The Beaucairoise Sylvie Ferri, first woman president of the race: a velvet hand in an iron glove

Coming from a family deeply rooted in bullfighting, she will be at the bullring on June 7.

When she introduces herself, Sylvie Ferri proudly declares: “I am Camargue, I have the fe di biou.” This practically untranslatable Provençal expression could mean having the fiber, being totally impregnated, identified with. And this is indeed what defines Sylvie Ferri who explains: “I am a pure Beaucairoise, my roots and my strength are in Beaucaire.”

Coming from a family very attached to Camargue traditions, the child developed her knowledge and creativity in the field to become a passionate flamenco dancer with the Alma Sevillana company, a skilled rider who wears the traditional costume with respect and adoration.

A member of the Félibrige, the Antio Counfrarié di Gardian and the Gardian Nation, his Camargue nature made him recognized by his peers. She is also administrator of the Facebook group Traditions et costumes and works as an administrative officer with the municipal police.

2022, membership of the FFCC

But the fe di biou will push the adventure even further. In 2022, while taking part in the races as an Arlesian and having lunch with the members of two bullfighting clubs, it was suggested that she compete for the title of trainee race president. It didn’t take long before she took the idea seriously, joined the French Federation of the Camargue race and presented her candidacy in November 2022.

Trainee says that for a year she will have to lead only league races, first the first part of a race next to a president, then a half race, and finally a complete race with a president racing confirmed.

The first woman to perform these functions, the accreditation of her candidacy had the effect of a bomb. In this exclusively male formation, which regulates a virile sport, whose worshipers also have a high idea of ​​masculinity, she knew how to break through, to impose herself. If she explains her success by her hard work and her integration into the community, she adds: “You also need to have a great character, charisma and presence. Be careful, this also requires concentration!”

But Sylvie Ferri also likes to dress, get ready and affirms her femininity through her coquetry, especially in this masculine world where she does not go unnoticed while knowing how to be respected. A success that could inspire other young women with a strong character and who are not afraid to challenge received ideas.

She will be president of the first part of the League race at the arenas of Vallabrègues on Wednesday 7 June.

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