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Earlier in the afternoon of May 20, the victory of the Girondins against Laval (3-0) had summoned the Grenats. They had to win on the lawn of Guingamp to get in tune with the club in the scapular, then four lengths ahead of the Messins in the standings before kick-off. Metz was warned.

For László Bölöni, it was already necessary to recompose a midfielder cut off from Lamine Camara, back from injury but not retained in the group, and Danley Jean Jacques, suspended for this trip to the Côtes-d’Armor. In front of the defense, Kevin N’Doram was aligned alongside Joseph Nduquidi, holder of the league for the third time this season.

The Grenats immediately put pressure on the Guingampaise cages. A bright shift from Georges Mikautadze towards Ablie Jallow resulted in the first strike of the game. It took a save from Enzo Basilio to defeat this hot Moselle opportunity (7°).

In reaction, Jérémy Livolant, on receiving a cross from Tristan Muyumba, tried his luck from a tight angle but stumbled on a vigilant Alexandre Oukidja (15°).

Unhappy with a long shot (20°), Matthieu Udol, launched behind the Breton defence, found Georges Mikautadze who was quick to open the scoring with a simply perfect flat foot (0-1, 21 °)! After a slight downtime, the Garnets were on the verge of making the break: served by Ablie Jallow, Cheikh Tidiane Sabaly found the opposing crossbar on a powerful recovery (34°).

Alexandre Oukidja once again attentive to a strike from Dylan Louiserre (41°), President Serin’s men were still in action in the opposing area before the break. After a free kick from Youssef Maziz, Georges Mikautadze opened the way to the goal. His half-volley, pivoting, grazed the Breton crossbar.

The first period ended with a simply perfect tackle from Fali Candé in his area, which allowed his team to return to the locker room with this short but extremely valuable advantage.

It was the turn of the Bretons to set the pace as soon as play resumed. In front of the Metz area, Vincent Manceau tried his luck. The former Angevin was missing a few centimeters to set the record straight (53°). Alone in front of goal, Baptiste Guillaume missed the mark (57°), but Gaëtan Couret did not tremble in the last gesture and allowed his team to come back to score (1-1, 60°).

Entering the game, Hugo Picard insisted on trying to give the advantage to the EAG. Fortunately, Alexande Oukidja watched over the grain to prevent it with a heavy shot (64°). Garnet side, the attempt of Ablie Jallow, returned on his left foot, just missed the Guingampais frame (76 °), for what will be the only real opportunity in Metz of the second act.

The Messina opener was not enough for FC Metz to return from Brittany with the three points sought. A very bad accounting operation, which forces the Garnets to victory at Sochaux next Friday, on the penultimate day of the season.


36th day of Ligue 2 BKT
Saturday May 20 at 7:00 p.m.
Roudourou Stadium

Goal for Guingamp: Courtet (60°); for Metz: Mikautadze (21°)

Team compositions

EA Guingamp : Basilio – Manceau – Mbe Soh – Riou – Gaudin – Muyumba – Louiserre – Livolant (Luvambo, 82°) – El Ouazzani (Picard, 53°) – Guillaume (Siwe, 82°) – Courtet

FC Metz : Oukidja – Kouao – Traoré – Candé – Udol – N’Doram – Nduquidi (Atta, 70°) – Maziz (Maïga, 70°) – Jallow (Joseph, 87°) – Sabaly (Diallo, 81°) – Mikautadze

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