The Conversion troop grand champion of Canada’s got talent

Quebec dancers triumphed in the competition Canada’s Got Talent. The final was played between the troupe of Lévis, The Cast, and that of Trois-Rivières, Conversion. In the end, it was the District 5 studio troupe that won the hearts of viewers, since the choice of the winner was submitted to popular vote.

After the first two appearances on the show, the 37 dancers wanted to raise the bar higher, but found themselves faced with a blank slate. That’s just what they decided to tell, the famous white page syndrome that all creators experience at one time or another in their careers. Overhung by an immense book with blank pages, the dancers expressed all the torments of creation which can end up imprisoning the creator. Their execution was impeccable and did not disappoint in their ability to create strong images without resorting to special effects.

Dancers hide their faces by lifting their sweaters over their heads.

The dancers of the Conversion troupe once again impressed with their ability to create strong images.

Photo: Citytv

The judges warmly congratulated them. They bragged about their great ability to tell a story and acknowledged that they gave it their all on stage.

Lévis’ troupe, The Cast, opened the evening with a spectacular number in a perfect blend of hip hop and star wars, as Judge Kardinal Offishal said. The dancers were golden from head to toe…from costume to makeup. Their spectacular number ended in a fireworks display.

An all-star course

The Conversion troupe had already amazed the judges at the time of the auditions by winning a gold button, the famous golden buzzer which led them directly to the semi-finals. Their moving number on the heartbeat of a fetus to pay tribute to their choreographer, Vincent Desjardins, won the hearts of judges and spectators.

At their second appearance, the dancers presented a choreography that told the story of their troupe on an acoustic version of the song Take Me to Church. Their performance earned them advancement to the final.

About 200 people were present at the Archibald microbrewery to follow the competition. Dancers from the District 5 studio, family members of dancers and friends. They agreed on the fact that the dancers had reason to be proud of all the work accomplished.

People gathered raising their arms in the air.

Conversion supporters followed their performance live at the Archibald microbrewery.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Kassandra Lebel

On the way to Las Vegas

The troupe won $150,000. The money is given to the dancers. They want to reinvest it to pursue their respective careers. Some want to take advanced courses in New York. This victory also earned them an appearance on the show. America’s Got Talent in Las Vegas.

With information from Kassandra Lebel.

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