the nice salary of the actress in the series “HPI” of TF1

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On May 11, TF1 broadcast the first episode of season 3 of “HPI”. Viewers have thus had the pleasure of finding Audrey Fleurot, the one who embodies the main character of the series.

In fact, Audrey Fleurot has been starring in “HPI” since 2021. And thanks to her role in this one, the actress receives a fabulous salary, that our colleagues from the magazine Here have recently unveiled.

Audrey Fleurot, star in “HPI”

Audrey Fleurot is probably no longer to present. She made her debut on the small screen in the 2000s. And since then, she has had a string of film projects, most of which have been successful.

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For the record, it was in 2005, in the series “Kaamelott” that the actress became known to the general public.

After that, we could see her in other fictions, such as “A French Village”, “Le Bazar de la Charité” or “Les combatantes”.

Audrey Fleurot also starred in the cult film “Intouchables”, with Omar Sy and François Cluzet. And since 2021, she is part of of the most famous actresses, thanks to the hit series “HPI”in which she plays the main character, Morgane Alvaro.

Audrey Fleurot: The huge salary she receives in
Audrey Fleurot attends the premiere of “HPI” at UGC Grand Normandie on May 09, 2023 in Paris, France – Photo credits: Getty Images

Best Audience of the Year

Thanks to her incredible acting talent, Audrey Fleurot has managed to seduce viewers in the cult fiction of TF1. This is why the latter has also been a phenomenal success.

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Speaking of success, you should know that the series is currently the most watched in France for 15 years. Indeed, the second season of the series brought together an average of 8 million viewers in front of their screens.

“HPI is probably the most widely sold French series abroad at present, in 105 territories now. We have, for example, sold it in Japan, in Latin America, which is not easy for a French production…”, specified the leader of audiovisual distribution in Europe, Leona Connell.

According to figures from Médiamétrie, fiction also achieved a 39.5% audience share.

“Best audience of the year for the return of HPI. HPI has always achieved the best audiences for a French series for more than 10 years! “, can we read on the Twitter account of TF1.

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A real pride for the chain.

The amazing salary of the actress in each episode

Given the success of the “HPI” series, it is not surprising that Audrey Fleurot, who still plays the main character of Morgane Alvaro, earn a lot in fiction.

As the magazine Here said, the mother of Lou Glissant would receive, in fact, a salary of 200,000 euros per episode.

Speaking of her role in fiction, the actress of the film “Intouchables” is, in any case, not ready to let go of her character. And rightly so, because according to one source, she would have already prepared for the next two seasons.

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“She has already said yes for a season 4 and a season 5 will soon be signed,” said the source.

After all, this one has already mentioned to Télé Magazine a “huge surprise” at the end of season 3.

Audrey Fleurot confides on the set of “HPI”

For information, before the broadcast of the first episode of the season of “HPI”, Audrey Fleurot gave an interview in the program “Quotidien”. Thanks to this, we were able to learn that the actress is very often in filming.

Faced with Yann Barthès, the darling of Djibril Glissant notably declared that the fact of moving a lot allows him to make his career prosper.

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“It’s great to shoot, I dreamed of doing this job and I have the possibility of choosing (…) The thing, that it’s an HPI marathon, in the sense that I have a lot of texts, I am almost of all the sequences, so it goes with a form of austerity of the order of the top athlete, ”she said on this subject.

The 45-year-old actress nevertheless made it known that her work requires a lot of sacrifice.

“I live a little cloistered (…) if I go to drink shots with them, I will struggle the rest of the week, it goes with a little monastic life”.

Luckily, it paid off.

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