The SNCF, which refuses the dematerialized identity card, called to order by the France Identity application

An inconsistency which gave rise to a surprising exchange on Twitter on Wednesday evening, reports Franceinfo. The discussion begins with a question from an SNCF user: “Do the controllers accept the presentation of a dematerialized national identity card, via the official France Identity application? »

“A concern for the fight against fraud”

To this question, the TGV inOui Twitter account replies that “the general conditions of the SNCF currently provide that only physical identity documents are accepted in the interests of the fight against fraud”.

The user insists: “But in the application, it is the official document, recorded thanks to the nfc reading of the card in addition to the connection to France Connect. All of this makes this coin official. But it is not accepted? “. While the SNCF still responds in the negative, the Twitter account of the France Identity application enters the discussion explaining to the company that it is indeed a legal means of proving one’s identity, citing “Article 1 of law 2012-410”.

The SNCF then specifies that their internal rules “may evolve”, “but to date, the current conditions prevail, because this evolution requires a period of adaptation of our procedures”, highlighting in particular the fact that “any evolution requires a period work to adapt our procedures, in particular the training of our agents”. SNCF has since deleted its tweets.

Electronic identity card and driver’s license

The result of an interministerial program, France Identity is a mobile application available since May 2022 in early access, for the moment only on phones equipped with the Android operating system and which have the NFC short-range communication functionality.

It will allow holders of the new national identity card (CNIe), in credit card format and equipped with an electronic chip, to more easily prove their identity on the internet or during physical procedures, with the possibility of disclosing only certain information, for example to prove his majority. France Identity must become the first application in France that will provide a “high” level of guarantee in terms of digital identification, according to the reference framework of the European e-IDAS regulation.

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