The strongest man in the world lives 1 hour from Lyon: “I eat five meals a day”

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Benjamin Donin became the strongest man in the world in 2022.
Benjamin Donin became the strongest man in the world in 2022. (© Photo submitted to Lyon news)

Did you know that the strongest man in the world lives just an hour from Lyon? Benjamin Donin, 24, lives in Bourg-en-Bresse. He won the Strongman competition in the United States in 2022 in the -80kg category. A first for a Frenchman.

This force of nature agreed to answer the questions ofLyon news as he prepares to become Europe’s Strongest Man and retain his World’s Strongest title in 2023.

5 meals and 4 hours of strength training per day

Benjamin Donin is a titan. Yet he weighs less than 100 kg. “When I’m in competition, I’m below 80 kg, otherwise I’m between 85 and 90 kg for 1.70m. »

The former rugby player, who went through US Bourg-en-Bresse and CS Villefranche-sur-Saône, is only 24 years old. “I became the strongest in the world in two years. Ranked 20th in his first year, he climbed to the top of the world rankings the next. “I do four world records in the year. »

He notably lifted 105 kg with the strength of a single arm, on December 17, 2022…

His secret? A high calorie diet and daily workouts. He says: “I eat 5,000 calories per day out of competition. I eat five meals a day: in the morning, at noon, at 4 p.m., in the evening and at midnight. »

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His diet consists of red meat, chicken, rice, pasta, cottage cheese, eggs, and “a little vegetables”. Protein, creatine, omega 3, magnesium, vitamins… complete his diet.

“The loads I am lifting are extreme”

Benjamin Donin explains that he trains four hours every day, Monday to Friday. “I work on my speed of execution to create strength and I do a lot of muscle building in the back,” he explains.

Benjamin Donin breaks all strength records.
Benjamin Donin breaks all strength records. (© Photo submitted to Lyon news)

The top athlete is aware of the risks. Recently, he almost tore an adductor. “I lift extreme loads. You have to be surrounded by a good medical team and train properly. »

Supported by his family and especially his grandmother

The Aindinois does not intend to stop there. He still wants to break records and his whole family supports him. ” I am very lucky. My parents often come to see me. My whole family appreciates it, because I’m the only one around here. My grandmother even attended the competition in America. Certainly one of his biggest fans.

His next goal is clear: to become the strongest man in Europe and retain his title of strongest man in the world at the end of the year.

On August 11, 12, and 13, I am in London to become European champion in -80 kg. Then, in December, I put my title on the line in Charlestone. If I keep it and I lift 400 kilos in the “deadlift”, I move to the category above (-90 kg).

Benjamin Doninworld’s strongest man 2022

Meanwhile, the hungry for records hopes to beat several more. He who, thanks to his new notoriety, begins to see sponsors flowing in and to earn his living as the strongest man in the world.

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