The Wonderful Friendship Between A Wheelchair Student And Her Service Dog Awarded With A Double Degree

With her assistance dog by her side, a young woman with a disability was able to grant her wish to study for the job of her dreams. It is therefore quite naturally that the canine accompanied her during the graduation ceremony. He also received his own.

Drawing : "The Wonderful Friendship Between A Wheelchair Student And Her Service Dog Awarded With A Double Degree"

Thanks to assistance dogs, people with a loss of autonomy see their horizons broaden and many possibilities open up to them. This is illustrated by the story of Grace Mariani and his 4-legged companion justinreported by the DailyMail.

Recently, the young woman experienced the culmination of her long days and nights spent studying. A journey during which Justin was by her side and supported her, while fulfilling her role as an assistance dog.

Illustration of the article: The wonderful friendship between a student in a wheelchair and her service dog rewarded with a double diploma

Seton Hall University/Facebook

Formed by the association Canine Companionsthis Golden / Labrador Retriever cross has actually learned to help his mistress in the simple gestures of everyday life.

The big day has arrived, that of the graduation ceremony. In his wheelchair, Grace MarianiWho lives Mahwah in the State of New Jersey (United States), was obviously adorned with the appropriate attire. The toga and the mortar in this case. justin was obviously at the rendezvous, and it was together that they advanced towards the president of the university Seton Hall.

The latter not only presented the student with his diploma; he did the same for the dog, who thus received his own distinction for having participated in the brilliant success of his friend.

Grace Mariani now plans to become an elementary school teacher, as she had always wanted.

A more than deserved diploma for Justin

The scene was filmed and the video shared on the page Facebook of the university in question. ” Dr. Joseph E. Nyre, President of Seton Hall, presents Grace Mariani’s service dog Justin, of Mahwah, New Jersey, with his diploma for attending all of Grace’s classes “, can we read there.

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The dog sniffed his diploma, then took it in the mouth, wagging his tail, to the cheers of the audience and accompanied by the most radiant of smiles, that of Grace Mariani.

These two have accomplished wonderful things together and intend to continue to do so.

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