these two comedians from the series said “yes” to each other a few days ago

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On May 13, a piece of news amazed fans of “Plus belle la vie”. In effect, two actors of the cult fiction of France 3 got married, after four years of relationship. They are Emanuele Giorgi and Cécile Mazéas. We tell you a little more about it in this article.

“Plus belle la vie” formed couples behind the scenes

“Plus belle la vie” was one of the most popular French television series. Only here, after 18 years of broadcasting, the production decided to stop it in November 2022.

The fiction nevertheless formed many couples before its end. This was particularly the case of Cecilia Hornus and Thierry Ragueneau. The two actors met on the set, then married in 2017.

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Same thing for the interpreter of Estelle Cantorel, Élodie Varlet, and the one who played the role of Romain Blanchard, Jérémie Poppe. The two actors spin the perfect love for a few years, and today have two children.

On their side, Juliette Chêne and Jean-Charles Chagachbanian have also started a romantic relationship during the filming of “Plus belle la vie”. And they’ve been inseparable ever since.

For their part, Emanuele Giorgi and Cécile Mazéas also had a behind-the-scenes romance on the hit show. They have been in a relationship for four years, and are currently a happy family.

Emanuele and Cécile have just married in Marseille

Between Emanuele Giorgi and Cécile Mazéas, it must be said that it is mad love. The interpreter of Francesco Ibaldi, in particular, is very happy to have found the woman of his life.

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In 2019, the actor was also ecstatic about his first meeting with the interpreter of Aurélie Delorme then Cécile Merle in “Plus belle la vie”. On this subject, he confided in the columns of Télé-Loisirs:

“I was absolutely love at first sight (…) We had seen each other just before in make-up, but when we looked at each other for the first time… I had never experienced anything like that”.

When it comes to their family life, the two lovebirds are now happy parents. They first welcomed a son, named Valentino, in 2019. Then, in 2021, the couple expanded their clan with the arrival of their baby girl Emy.

In addition, Emanuele and Cécile have recently formalized their relationship. Actually, the couple got married last week in Marseille.

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Their co-star Jérémie Poppe posted a photo of the ceremony on social networks. A photo on which we see in particular the bride in a beautiful white dress with straps. While the groom wore an elegant blue suit.

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Several actors of “Plus belle la vie” were present

Speaking of Emanuele and Céline’s wedding, of Many actors from the series “Plus belle la vie” were present for the occasion.

Apart from Jérémy Poppe, who shared a photo of the ceremony, his wife Elodie Varlet, was also with them that day.

In addition to the couple, the one who played the role of Emma Rimez, Pauline Bression, also responded to the ceremony. Then there was also Anne Décis, the interpreter of Luna Torres, Roxane Turmel (Sylvia) and Marie Hennerez (Léa Nebout).

Director and producer Claire de La Rochefoucauld also attended the wedding of Valentino and Emy’s parents. Apart from this, we were also able to see Eric Henon, the brother of Stéphane Henon, who was coach of the actors on the cult series of France 3.

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All these people mentioned above appeared in the photo published on social networks. The proof that even after the end of “Plus belle la vie” the actors of the series continue to form a big family.

For information, many fans congratulated the newlyweds on social networks.

“Congratulations to Emanuele Giorgi and Cécile Mazéas who are celebrating their wedding this Saturday, May 13, 2023, in the presence of a few members of Plus Belle La Vie! “, shared a fan account of the series on Twitter.

While other netizens commented:

“But.. what a pleasure to see a new family!” Congratulation ! », « Congratulations to the bride and groom only happiness », « Congratulations Emanuele & Cécile! “.

We wish the best for Emanuele Giorgi and Cécile Mazéas!

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