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Twitter announced at the beginning of 2023, following the takeover of Elon Musk, the arrival of new products. As reported by DBM, the famous social network has integrated an interface with a thread like Tik Tok, which they called “For you”.

They also added a button to save tweets, a new badge system and the long format for tweets. As on other community networks, the new leader has also integrated a tweet counter.

Lately, mid-May 2023, Twitter notified users of the arrival of another feature.

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It is now possible to send voice messages via Twitter

Since the acquisition of Twitter, the social network continues to announce the integration of new features to satisfy its users. And as reported by Numerama, an option that allows now to send voice messages to other Twittos is now available on the social network.

Remember, WhatsApp also integrated the same functionality in 2022. Since then, the network has recorded around 7 billion voice messages sent per day. The reason many people have embraced this feature is mainly because it allows users to converse with more expressions.

Apparently, Twitter wanted its users to enjoy the same experience. Thanks to voice messages, Twitter users can show their emotion or their excitement via private conversations.

Also according to Numerama, the feature is easy to use.

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Twitter has just launched the voicemail feature
A photo showing the Twitter profile on the screen – Photo credits: iStock

Just press the purple button with the sound symbol

At the very beginning, if you want to enjoy the new feature on Twitter, you have to allow access to the phone’s microphone. Once the app has permission to use the microphone, you can then:

  • Record the voice message by pressing the icon symbolizing the sound.
  • Press the same button a second time to stop voice recording.
  • Then listen to your message again before sending it to the recipient.
  • If necessary cancel the recording and start the operation again.

It is especially this ease and this practicality that users appreciate in functionality. Unfortunately, the latter is not appreciated by all.

Voice messages, practical for some and unbearable for others

Thanks to voice messages, Internet users can send a short and explicit message without having to call their contacts. Faster to send than written messages, the feature helps Twitter users in an emergency. Unlike the followers of this kind of functionality newly integrated by Twitter, there are some who find her unbearable.

Indeed, it can sometimes annoy people around when a person starts listening to their voicemail in public. Some people unfortunately forget the concept of discretion and do not put on their kits to listen to their voicemails or even lower the volume.

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Moreover, since the arrival of the voice message on Twitter, many Internet users have complained on social networks. A Twitto rightly wrote in a tweet that he “hate the voicemails” and that if several were sent to him, he would never listen to them. As for another Twitter user, he launched that:

“People listening to their voicemails loudly in the waiting rooms pissed him off.”

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