this song he dedicated to France Gall

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Claude François and France Gall stayed together for several years. After a long tumultuous relationship, the singer put an end to their idyll, which pained the late musician. This last then dedicated to him “As usual”one of his most beloved titles.

France Gall: her love story with Claude François

Claude François was known for his passion for women. During his lifetime, he had made several women fall under his spell, including his British wife named Janet. Then Isabelle Forêt, the one with whom he knew fatherhood. Then, we do not forget Kathalyn Jones, who was his very last companion.

There was also a time when Claude François had a romantic relationship with a famous singer. This is obviously France Gall who had shared their love story in 1968.

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At that time, the singer remembered the shock she had when Claude François left her on the phone. It was 1965 and that day France Gall won the Eurovision Song Contest. She therefore telephoned her lover to tell him of her joy.

But instead of sharing his happiness with her, Claude François was, on the contrary, very distant during the phone call. He said terrible words who had marked France Gall.

“It’s very good, but for us it’s over. I will never marry a professional girl,” he told her.

Following this, France Gall was so devastated that she could not hold back her tears on stage as she sang the title that gave her the victory. True, she had won the competition but lost her lover and was heartbroken.

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A tumultuous relationship

Upset by Claude François’ decision, France Gall did not attend the Eurovision awards ceremony. She quickly flew to Paris and is “came like crazy” at the singer. For fifteen days, according to France Gall, the two lovebirds remained angry.

Tired of the situation in which they found themselves, the singer preferred to take the first step. France Gall and Claude François therefore remained together for two years. And the least we can say is that their relationship was far from a long calm river. And over time, the singer began to deteriorate.

“It was no longer the same. We sometimes argued over little things, ”she said.

Claude François: this song he dedicated to France Gall
Claude François and France Gall – Photo credits: Getty Images

This song that Claude François dedicated to France Gall

Continuing her confidences, France Gall had remembered the last time she had argued with Claude François. The latter could not bear to see his girlfriend at the time dancing with another in a Cannes club.

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“Claude came in, he made a scene for me. He cried. I screamed too. Again, we parted angry,” she said.

And this time it was final. France Gall revealed that ” something “ had broken inside her at that time, which caused her to end her relationship with the singer. Despite everything that happened between them, France Gall has kept good memories of this tumultuous relationship. Claude François was one of the men who marked his life.

“Of course, Claude was my first love and I will never forget the happy moments we had together,” she said.

After the end of their couple, France Gall has found love in the arms of Michel Berger. As for Claude François, the latter could only be devastated by his break with the singer. It affected him so much that he wrote her a song. It is obviously “As usual”, which until now remains one of the cult titles of the late man.

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The day she revealed her feelings for Michel Berger to Véronique Sanson

As we said above, France Gall got into a relationship with Michel Berger after his love affair with Claude François. Between the two musicians, it was first a purely professional relationship before they started a relationship together.

At the time of their meeting, Michel Berger had just separated from Véronique Sanson, who was also a friend of France Gall. Thus, when the latter began to have feelings for Michel Berger, she wanted to inform Véronique Sanson. However, France Gall surely did not expect the reaction of her friend.

When she told him on the phone that she had fallen in love with Michel Berger, Véronique Sanson replied curtly:

“I don’t know how you do not to fall in love with Michel” and hung up on him.

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An answer that speaks volumes!

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