Two new appointments at MotorK

European SaaS provider MotorK has announced the appointment of Philippe Schulz as Vice President of Operations and Customer Experience, along with Daria Grazzi as the new Director of Human Resources.

MotorK strengthens its management team with two strategic appointments. ©MotorK

Things are moving at MotorK. A leading SaaS provider to the automotive distribution industry in Europe, announces the appointment of two senior executives to join the leadership team. Philippe Schulz will serve as Vice President of Operations and Customer Experience while Daria Grazzi will take on the role of Director of Human Resources.

The new vice president of operations and customer experience will be responsible for leading the operational departments, from training to professional services, through the implementation and optimization of the company’s offer. With a know-how from 30 years of experience in the software world, he will be in charge of pursuing the growth strategy initiated by the brand.

Client experience

Marco Marliapresident and co-founder of MotorK, enthuses: “we are proud to have welcomed two talents like Daria and Philippe to our management team. We are convinced that together we will be able to continue our growth. Attention to people and customer orientation are two pillars of our philosophy, and with these two new appointments we intend to emphasize their centrality.“.

Before joining MotorK, Philippe Schulz was vice president of professional services for a software company specializing in customer experience (CX) management. A success since the latter was able to work towards a substantial increase in customer satisfaction, while maintaining profitability.

Holder of a certificate of aptitude for business administration from the Institute of Business Administration of the University of Sophia Antipolis, Philippe Schulz has swept various management positions, always in connection with the optimization of interactions with customers.

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At MotorK, I was fascinated by the central and priority place occupied by the customer. This new position is an opportunity for me to put the experience acquired during my professional career at the service of this vision. Tech companies never slow down. The sector is accustomed to dealing with change, which is part of its DNA and which defines every moment and every step. Our role is to embrace every development, implement it and make it accessible to our customers, so they can always compete and grow with us.“, ambitions Philippe Schulz.

A new HR

Already appointed Director of Human Resources in April, Daria Grazzi will lead the strategy and direction of the global Human Resources team. For 20 years, she has accumulated solid experience in the field of human resources as well as expertise in the management of complex and integration processes. Equality, diversity and inclusion will be the challenges she will have the task of responding to.

Holder of a law degree and a master’s degree in general management, Daria Grazzi has worked in several industries, such as retail, consumer packaged goods and industrial. For the past five years, she has specialized in digital businesses, in which she has acquired specific expertise, in particular in start-ups and scale-ups.

MotorK is a rapidly growing company operating in an ever-changing industry. It is essential that human resources is considered as a strategic actor for the company, ensuring that all employees of the group are valued and engaged, while supporting the company in the creation of organizational and human capital by constant evolution“, explains Daria Grazzi.

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