two prison guards sentenced

This is less than the requisitions of the prosecutor who had demanded two years in prison, including twelve months suspended mid-April during the hearing
, but the sentence seems disproportionate for the defense lawyers who immediately appealed. Two supervisors of the prison of Bourges were sentenced this Wednesday to eighteen months in prison suspended by the court of Bourges for having facilitated the introduction of telephones and even drugs at the Bordiot.

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This sentence will also complicate the retraining of these supervisors who no longer have the right to practice for ten years. They will also no longer be able to work in the public service. The trial had stemmed from accusations by an inmate, described as a mythomaniac by some, who had implicated them during telephone tapping. He recanted at the hearing but that was not enough for the court.

This condemnation risks being very badly perceived by the unions of the prison administration.
This condemnation risks being very badly perceived by the unions of the prison administration.
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The president of the court mentions the spontaneity of the words of this prisoner while he was unaware that he was on telephone tapping and it is true that the names of these two guards come up several times, with others besides. Spontaneity which therefore weighed in the decision then the defense was surprised at the absence of any evidence whatsoever.

Lawyers for the two guards have announced an immediate appeal. “My client has a consistent position since the start of the caseexplains Me Antoine Fourcade. He always explained himself on the way he worked. He is someone who is beyond reproach and who has received praise for his work. He needs today to clear his honor and to feel understood. This is why we call*”.*

The two supervisors have been suspended for more than two years from all salary. Me Fourcade’s client reconverted in the hospital function but he will no longer be able to practice there either since the sentence will appear in the criminal record. “He is a man who had the chance and above all the courage to retraincontinues Me Fourcade. And today, the fact that the court rejects our request for non-registration in bulletin number two of the criminal record puts it in even more difficulty. This decision is like the death of a man.” The detainee was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment, one year of which is firm.

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