very moved, she announces the death of a young fan with cystic fibrosis

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Delphine Colas is very active on social networks. If usually, she shares her daily life with her large family, this one has just announced terrible news recently. She had announced the death of a young girl who was a fan of her family on the program “Familles grandes”.

The departure of Delphine Colas and her clan of “Large Families”

A few months after the departure of the Pellissards, other clans followed their path and this is particularly the case of the Colas. On social networks, Delphine Colas had revealed to her subscribers that they were leaving “Large family”.

“It’s over for us,” she said.

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But unlike the other families who had problems with the production, Delphine does not seem to have any conflicts with TF1 at all. The beautiful brunette is very proud that her family was able to have the courage to share their life in a television show. At first, she says, they hesitated a lot before embarking on this project. Eventually, they agreed to participate and it surely changed their lives.

“It was a very strong decision for our family and we were happy to do it,” she said.

Obviously, Delphine Colas does not regret their participation in “Large Families”. Obviously, the mother of Selena has not forgotten to thank the fans for their support. She is grateful for their loyalty throughout this adventure she has led alongside her clan.

Delphine Colas shares bad news

Although she left the “Large Families”, Delphine Colas still remains active on social networks. It must be recognized that the beautiful brunette has achieved a certain notoriety since their appearance in the flagship program of TF1. On her account, she is followed by nearly 60,000 subscribers and loves to share her daily life with Internet users.

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But recently, it’s heartbreaking news that Delphine Colas shared with her followers. In her Instagram story, she said that for a few months, she had been in contact with a young girl. It was the latter who had contacted the mother of the family first to tell her that she was a fan of the Colas family.

This young girl was particularly affected by cystic fibrosis and was hospitalized. It was therefore on her hospital bed that she watched Delphine Colas and her tribe in “Large Families”. But some time ago, Selena’s mother received sad news about her young fan.

“Unfortunately, this young girl passed away,” she revealed.

His shocking secrets

Very sad by this upsetting news, Delphine Colas wanted to tell how she learned of the death of this young girl. As a reminder, the latter was waiting for a transplant when she contacted Delphine Colas.

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Some time ago, the former participant of “Large Families” was able to speak with the mother of the sick girl.

“She told me that she was a bit on the wait, it was not going very well, I felt that the news was not going to be good,” she said.

And Delphine was unfortunately right. The girl died there is little and it was his aunt who had announced his death to the mother of Selena Colas.

She appeals for donations to fight against cystic fibrosis

The disappearance of this girl greatly affected Delphine Colas. Especially since the deceased was around the age of her daughter Selena. Thus, as a mother, Delphine Colas can only be in pain.

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“My mommy heart is broken,” she said.

Delphine is aware that losing a loved one is very difficult. The former participant of the show “Large Families” says she is “so admiring” from the girl’s family for coping with this heartbreaking news.

“This young girl who was an example of courage,” she says.

As a reminder, it was also because of cystic fibrosis that Grégory Lemarchal died. The singer had been battling the disease since he was little and sadly lost the fight on March 30, 2007.

Today, the musician’s relatives continue to fight against cystic fibrosis through the Grégory Lemarchal association.

Following this terrible news that she has just received on the phone, Delphine Colas launched an appeal. That of make donations to the Grégory Lemarchal association. Note that the goal of the singer’s relatives with this association is to help victims of cystic fibrosis and raise funds.

Delphine Colas is therefore aware that this could be a great help for those concerned and has encouraged its subscribers to make donations for this association.

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