virtual training in interventions with lasers and screen

Shooting simulation software, developed in the United States, offers law enforcement and private security personnel the opportunity to practice in a virtual way to neutralize hostile individuals. This instrument attracts the interest of municipal police stations, like the one located in Chambourcy, within the Yvelines department.

“In this exercise, you will have to hit the cardboard targets twice and the metal targets once. Sven Cottin gives the final instructions before the start of training.

The noises are realistic, but Aurélien and Mickaël, two municipal police officers from Chambourcy, in the Yvelines, carry out their shooting session of the day in front of a screen. They have in their hands a laser pistol which faithfully reproduces the Glock 17 which they wear on their belt.

Workouts projected on a screen

This device is made up of “a video projector and laser detection cameras”, explains Sven Cottin, president of the company Dans l’viseur, distributor in France of this simulator from the United States.

“The laser, located at the end of the barrel of the weapon, is detected on the projection of the screen, without any risk”, assures Sven Cottin, distributor of the shooting simulator in France.

This equipment, called Laser Shot, offers more than a thousand shooting exercises and 900 scenario scenarios (road checks, aggression, knife attacks, etc.). It has already conquered municipal police stations and private security companies in France. The stagings, performed by American actors and based on real events, allow officers to practice situations they frequently encounter.

Learn from virtual mistakes

In one example, Aurélien must challenge an attacker in a park in a virtual way. “In this scenario, one agent is equipped with tear gas and lethal weapons, and the other agent is equipped with a taser”, specifies Sven Cottin. Aurélien acts as if the situation were real, ordering the attacker to move away from the victim. He refuses to comply. The officer then uses his taser.

However, when Michael uses tear gas, it also hits the victim. Making mistakes on the simulator prevents them from being reproduced in the field. Agents improve their judgment, their stress management and their ability to observe so as not to be caught off guard. The simulator is a complement to the shooting range, because it is more immersive, especially for duo interventions.

“It will help us to work together, to communicate, to know our partner and to have confidence in our weapon in the public space”, testifies Aurélien, municipal police officer in Chambourcy.

Municipal agents only have two shooting range sessions per year. Thanks to the simulator, they can train whenever they want.

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