watch out for “scams” on products sold by the kilo

According to a new survey by the Foodwatch association and contrary to what one might think, buying products by the liter or the kilo would not in fact always be so financially advantageous.

Eye-catching packaging

“With inflation, many people wishing to save money are indeed turning to these bargains, rightly thinking that these formats sold in larger sizes are more economical and cheaper per kilo or litre”explain the authors of the study in the preamble. “But still too often, supermarkets sell these special formats more expensive than their classic format, with packaging that catches the eye to trigger the purchase”, deplore the activists.

Their new research thus pinpoints a dozen products from major brands found at Carrefour (Vannes), Hyper U (Saint-Avé), Cora (Rennes), Leclerc (Vannes), Monoprix (Croisé La Roche) and Auchan (Vélizy 2). For example, the price per kilo of Pépito LU biscuits increases by nearly 25% when they are sold in packs of two, slices of Gouda cheese at Cora are 28% more expensive per kilo when the pack goes from 200g to 350g, and Fleury Michon minced chicken are 11% more expensive when the size is 250g rather than 150g.

Multiplication of consumer alerts

Also mentioned in the survey: Fresh gnocchi pasta to fry Roll Lustucru Sélection, President fondant goat’s milk log, zero sugar Pepsi, Nesquik cereal bars, Harry’s classic recipe sliced ​​brioche, Brioche Pasquier croissants, Le Pure juice without Joker pulp, Choco Sensations Milka Cookies and tender Hearts of Palm from Aucy.

“The same phenomenon is repeated in the sweet and savory departments, often on everyday consumer products”, thus observes the association. These practices are completely unacceptable, particularly in the current context of inflation. They should be prohibited or strictly regulated as promotions are. We are therefore calling on the government on this subject. said Audrey Morice, campaign manager at Foodwatch.

The investigation began following the multiplication of alerts from consumers annoyed to be confronted with this practice in supermarkets. The association then decided to compare the prices per kilo of the standard sizes and their corresponding special sizes displayed on April 7 and 13, 2023.

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