What does the profession of landscape worker consist of?

In constant contact with nature, the landscape worker is responsible for setting up and maintaining green spaces.

What are the duties of a landscaper?

Field agent, the landscape worker can be responsible for everything related to plants, but also for small jobs such as masonry, plumbing or electricity. He may be called upon to carry out two types of mission: the development and planting of a space and then its maintenance.

As part of a development project for a sports field, roadsides, landscaping of condominiums, etc., he can carry out soil preparation, sowing, planting flowers, plants or shrubs according to the directives of a landscaper. He can also be asked to carry out small earthworks or paving.

Secondly, he must maintain the spaces already laid out by mowing, watering, collecting leaves, cutting and treating the plants that need it…

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How to become a landscaper?

To do this job, you have to enjoy spending time outdoors, be in good physical condition and be interested in plants and other vegetation. An aesthetic sense is also important for harmonizing colors, and being able to be thorough is an asset. Knowing how to work in a team is also important, because the landscape worker rarely works alone. With these qualities, it is possible to move towards this professional path from the 3rd class.

What qualifications for a landscape worker?

To become a landscape worker, several short routes exist. Right out of college, once the certificate has been obtained, there is a two-year diploma to follow in a vocational or agricultural high school: the CAPA (certificate of professional agricultural aptitude) Landscaping work or maintenance of rural areas. To continue his studies, the student can embark on a BPA (professional agricultural certificate) Landscaping work or a BTSA (higher agricultural technician certificate) leading to a professional baccalaureate or practice directly. Know that it is possible to do a CS (certificate of specialization) turfed sports floors to work on a golf or football field. Most of these courses can be taken on a work-study basis.

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What is the average salary of a landscaper?

An entry-level landscape worker may have a gross monthly salary of between $1,430 and $1,700. But the prospects for career development and salaries are not to be neglected. With ecological awareness, the sector is very dynamic. There are many specializations and a landscape worker can work in the civil service as well as in a private company. It is also conceivable to create your own landscaping company.

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What is the difference between a landscaper and a landscaper?

This field job can sometimes be confused with that of landscaper. However, the difference is quite clear. In both cases, these are professions linked to the development of green spaces, but if the projects are designed, carried out and directed by the landscape designer (who often has a bac +5 level diploma), the landscape worker is in the field. He follows the plans decided by the landscape architect and implements them concretely. There are often several landscape workers within the same team under the orders of a landscaper.

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