What is the job of a quality technician?

An essential worker in any company, the quality technician ensures compliance with constraints during production in order to meet customer expectations. Here are the undersides of this profession.

What is the role of a quality technician?

The quality technician can intervene during production or at the end to check that the products correspond in all respects to the specifications and the various objectives defined with the customer. It also guarantees compliance with procedures. He must also be attentive to production methods to identify the slightest defects, correct them and ensure that they do not recur. He also produces quality monitoring documents to ensure product traceability. And when a certification process is initiated, the quality technician verifies that the actions of the operators comply with it. The quality technician belongs to the quality service team and reports to its manager.

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What are the qualities required to be a quality technician?

The profession of quality technician corresponds to rigorous people who are able to withstand a certain level of stress, because the responsibilities are important. It is also better to be curious and like to update your knowledge constantly. A quality technician has a perfect command of the various Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) tools and software as well as the materials used and the production methods. He must be familiar with the standards and quality audit techniques, and have good writing skills since he writes many follow-up sheets.

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What degree do you need to work in the quality professions?

There are several ways to work in the quality trades. After the baccalaureate, you can practice a profession in quality with a DUT training, a BTS (Bac + 2 level), a professional license (Bac + 3) or even a professional master or an engineering diploma (Bac + 5 ). The most common training courses to be a quality technician are the BTS piloting of processes (PP), the BTS Bioanalysis and controls, or a DUT in metrology, control and quality or even a DUT in industrial logistics and organization quality. Among the professional licenses appreciated by employers in the sector, we find the training of Quality animator, Quality of the aeronautical and space industries, Management of industrial production and management or Management of the quality of food products.

In which sector can this profession related to quality be exercised?

This profession of quality technician exists in many sectors of activity, such as agriculture, automotive, construction, trade, aeronautical, railway or naval construction, electronics, energy, the wood industry, the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, transport, mechanics or even the textile and fashion industry. Each quality technician will therefore be able to choose the sector or activity that interests him the most.

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What is the salary of a quality technician?

At the start of their career, a quality technician can expect a salary between 1,800 and 2,000 euros gross per month. But it depends on the companies, the responsibilities, the missions and the level of studies. The possibilities for development are quite wide. After several years of professional experience, this quality technician can become a quality manager, auditor, consultant or method engineer. The higher the position of the quality manager is in the hierarchy of the company, the higher the salary will increase.

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