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MYSURU: Stating that agricultural programs and investment can strengthen impact on nutrition if explicit nutrition objectives and indicators are incorporated into their design, former WHO chief scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan said there is a need to assess the context at the local level to design appropriate activities to address the types and causes of malnutrition.

She was speaking after inaugurating a session on the topic ‘Woman SHG, Farmer-Entrepreneurship’ held as part of ‘One week, one lab — Celebrating food research’, a conference organized by CSIR-CFTRI in Mysuru on Tuesday.

She said there is a need to develop new technologies, techniques and strategies that are rooted in the ‘One health action’ agriculture concept specific to different agro-ecological zones, and foster integrated policies and programs through cross-sectoral contributions among agriculture, health and climate change sectors.

“The five high-priority strategic components of ‘One health one action’ agriculture concept is an integrated intensive farming system for nutrition, conservation farming, soil health rejuvenation, zoonotic disease surveillance and safe water and sanitation,” she said.

She said nutritional awareness improves food consumption, and explained that the farming system for nutrition (FSN) intervention integrates crop, livestock and allied agricultural practices and nutrition literacy as a package, providing a holistic approach.

She added that to improve nutrition through agriculture and the food system, one need to improve processing, storage and preservation and expand markets, market access for vulnerable groups, particularly for marketing nutritious foods, besides nutrition promotion and education.

Three new products launched
After successfully launching four new products of CSIR-CFTRI on Monday, the central institute on Tuesday released three more products – spice bread, fibre-enriched rusk and gluten-free cake mix.

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