who is this family joining the “large families” adventure?

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Season 7 of “Large Families” started recently. In this new edition of the TF1 program, we can discover the Benaïssa family, one of the new clans of the show. They agreed to participate in the program while the mother was expecting another child.

The Benaissa family: who are they?

Thanks to “Large Families: Life in XXL”, we can see a glimpse of what it is like to be the parent of several children. This program broadcast on TF1 has made us discover several clans over the years. While most have decided to leave the program, others just made their entrance recently.

As fans already know, season 7 of “Large Families” started a while ago. In total, there were 7 new families, who therefore came to replace the old ones. Among these clans, we can find the Benaissa family.

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At the head of this large, close-knit family, there is Akim and Vanessa Benaïssa. The two lovebirds met when they were 20. At the time they were still “all fresh, all beautiful”. They are parents of four children, three boys and one girl. The latter are named Yliès, Nélia, Soheyl and Kamyl.

Pregnant with fifth child at 42

In this new season of “Large Families”, the Benaïssa family is waiting for a big event. Indeed, in the episodes, Vanessa was still pregnant with her fifth child. If the beautiful blonde had been dreaming of this new pregnancy for a while now, her companion was very reluctant to have another child.

“At the beginning, he said no to me but I could see that it was not a categorical no. There were a few small openings,” Vanessa said in their teaser video.

For his part, Akim explained that he thought a lot about the subject before making a decision. He said to himself that if he refused Vanessa’s proposal, the latter, currently 42 years old, could no longer give him another child.

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“And all my life, she’s going to say ‘I wanted a fifth.’ And every time she goes to see a baby, she’s going to say to me: ‘Well, here it is’. And me, that is not possible, ”she said.

Akim therefore wanted to avoid Vanessa’s reproaches, according to his words. Especially since the mother of the family sees babies almost every day since she works as a childcare assistant in a maternity hospital. Happy to have been able to be a mother, the beautiful blonde affirms that having children, “it was obvious”.

Her revelations about her pregnancy

Almost all the mothers who participated in “Large Families” are active on social networks and Vanessa was obviously no exception to this rule. Nelia’s mother fed his Instagram account long before she and the other members of the Benaissa family took part in the TF1 show.

Moreover, on one of his publications, the companion of Akim had confided in her pregnancy. She had revealed that taking a pregnancy test, when you really want to be pregnant, is one of the moments “unforgettable in a lifetime”. And to add:

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“Hands shaking, heart beating at 10,000, you don’t dare look at the result and then you start looking for that second bar, you’ve never scrutinized so closely. »

Words that prove once again that Vanessa wanted more than anything to have a fifth child.

The other new clans, apart from the Benaïssa family

In addition to the Benaïssa family, the Cail family is also part of this new season of “Large Families”. It is made up of Marie-Caroline, the mother, Guillaume, the father and their six children. The two lovebirds became parents very young since today they are only 33 years old.

The fruits of their love are between 1 and 14 years old and are named Théophile, Edouard, Gaspard, Ernest, France as well as Basile. Young and trendy, Marie-Caroline and her darling still find time to party, despite being the head of a large family.

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On the other hand, we also have the Tuzzoli family, whose history is quite particular. The two lovebirds, Grégory and Ludovica, will, in fact, say to each other ” Yes “ and their witness is none other than the ex-companion and mother of Grégory’s children, Aurélie.

The latter and the new companion of her former darling get along wonderfully and are even best friends. There is no doubt that over the episodes, we will discover more about the special friendship of the two women.

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