Young people judge cattle by smartphone and by eye

This year, 65 young people from 9 agricultural high schools in the region were expected in the central ring of the show. CAP, Bac pro, BTSA, whatever their training, the young boys and girls came for the cattle. It was under the banners of the agricultural high schools of Dax, Orthez, Saintes, Bazas, Saint-Palais, Melle, Vannas, Périgueux, Barbezieux that young people aged 16 to 20 competed.

65 young scorers are preparing to compete in the regional final of the competition on the central ring of Aquitanima

The principle is simple, everyone has a scoring grid on which breed criteria, Limousine, Blonde d’Aquitaine, Prim’holstein, or Bazadaise, are to be filled in. Muscular and skeletal development, breed quality, aptitude, cattle are examined from all angles.

Prior to the judgment of the young people, experienced technicians carry out the so-called reference score, on which they will be evaluated. “In the event that two young people obtain the same result, it is the time of their score that will be decisive”, explains Laurent Jamme, head of the training department of the Regional Directorate for Food, Agriculture and Forestry in charge of organizing the competition.

I was born in competitions

Whether they already have a foot in the competitions or not, the young people came for the same objective “come first” agree Axelle, 19, and Alexandre, 20, both high school students at Jacques Bujault high school in Melle. Daughter of a breeder, Axelle has been immersed in the agricultural world since her birth. “My father raises limousines. It is quite naturally that I chose this breed to compete » she completes. More than obvious, competitions of this type enliven it and shed light on its future. “Ah yes, later I want to become a timekeeper! »

Alexandre was not born on a farm alongside cattle. It was after an internship that he discovered pointing competitions. “I followed my tutor to trade fairs in Poitiers” he remembers. An unexplained attraction for the Prim’Holsteins and here he is in departmental scoring competitions. “For the regional competition, I trained alongside a professional technician in Paris” he points out.

Accompanied by their family circle and by professionals, the young high school students also benefited from“a day of training in high school” mentions Delphine Montigny, zootechnics teacher at the agricultural school in Melle. “As far as race is concerned, everyone chooses”, she continues.

A turnout record

Small novelty for the final, the pointers will exercise using their smartphones and not a sheet of paper. New technology at the service of agriculture, a small feat hailed by the organizers, happy with the number of participants. Sixty-five youngsters called to the ring, ” It’s a record ! Words should not be feared” launches Renaud Champmartin, presenter-animator of the competition.

The cows for the competition arrive. At the head of the procession, we have two bazadaises and two blondes from Aquitaine.

More than just a competition, it’s an opportunity for everyone to prove themselves. “It’s a golden opportunity to show that you have the eye of the judge and therefore of the breeder” says Renaud Champmartin. Career prospects open up to these young people. “ We need you ! » concludes Laurent Jamme before launching the start of the final.

After an hour of work, the young people retire and wait for the analysis of the results. It will be necessary to wait 3 p.m. for the verdict. The first places are awarded to Mélissa Megé from Barbezieux for the Limousines, Battit Suzanne from Dax for the Bazadaises, Eline Dumartin from Orthez for the Prim’Holsteins and Sébastien Auvray from Périgueux for the Blondes d’Aquitaine.

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