18 thoughts on “Vegan Fitness Team

  1. I am a vegan, and yes, humans do need protein, BUT most meat eaters actually consume TOO MUCH, which is bad for the kidneys. It is VERY easy to get the proper amount of protein from beans, nuts, and vegetables alone.

  2. I am not a vegan but a lactovegetarian. People always say that I am lacking animal protein and that’s not good. As I know, vegans don’t at all consume any animal protein and yet they remain fit. People out there speak whatever that enter their mind. I guess it’s time to people to use their sixth sense.

  3. Sorry mate. Ask any nutritional expert and they’ll say he’s wrong. Tens of tens of years of scientific reasearch won’t and have not been proven wrong by Mr. Tim right there.

  4. ohhhh, i would like to be in a vegan ditness team, its my dream, im a female breakdancer (since 4 years) and bodybuilder (since 2 mouths)
    GO VEGAN!!!!!!!!!! =)

  5. better sources when meat? well walnuts, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, poppy seeds hemp seeds.i take in a giant dark green salad with is 30g protein, 200g of nuts which is 30g protein. I can easyly eat 70g of rawvegan protein a day. And its amazing what strength and endurance u can get in such a short period of training. Its overwhelming.

  6. I take between 100 and 150 grams of proteins per days depending on the type of training I did and I’m vegan.

  7. Eastern Slavic is trying to justify his method of eating. Without proper scientific argument, his argument is overwhelmingly full of fallacy. I’m personally trying to go vegan. I’m a vegetarian at the moment and am planning on going full out vegan.
    With all the saturated fat, toxins, hormones and antibiotics in meat, I find it contradictory to ingest meat for fitness purposes.

  8. Whoever says you don’t get enough protein from a vegan diet clearly didn’t watch this video. And trust me when I say, they aren’t the only three vegan athletes out there. Humans are natural herbivores… as 90% of anthropologists today will tell you… back in the stone age they only ever ate meat to survive, but subsisted off of plants very well the majority of the time, and whenever they ate meat their life expectancy was a LOT lower.

  9. @AdamPikramenos I don’t think aloe vera would be sufficiant… but anyway we do only need amino acid, if you absorb a protein as it is (without brokin it down into amino acids) you’re in big trouble. The body won’t recognize it and will think it’s a virus or something (virus, bacteria,etc are all proteins). This happen very often with dairy, and that is the reason it’s associated with all sort of auto-immune disease.

  10. @easternslavic LOL did you knew that as much as HALF the tryptophan in meat is destroyed when it’s cooked? Tryptophan is heat volatile…

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