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  1. What a wonderful video!

    If you anyone is interested in learning more about and exploring the Vegan lifestyle through film, you should take a look at the movie: Jim Morris: Lifelong Fitness.  Jim Morris is a 78 year old vegan body builder and his inspiring story can be found here:
    Jim Morris: Lifelong Fitness – The Story of a 78-Year-Old Vegan Bodybuilder [HD]

  2. What a wonderful video!

    If you anyone is interested in learning more about and exploring the health and fitness lifestyle through film, you should take a look at the movie: Jim Morris: Lifelong Fitness.  Jim Morris is a 78 year old vegan body builder and his inspiring story can be found here:
    Jim Morris: Lifelong Fitness – The Story of a 78-Year-Old Vegan Bodybuilder [HD]

  3. 95% of the people hating on this video are probably 5-10 years away from a fatal heart attack 🙂 so go ahead eat that hot dog buddy. I’ll eat an apple and run 6 miles then marry your widow. 

  4. What a wonderful video!

    If anyone is interested in learning more about and exploring the Vegan lifestyle through film, you should take a look at the movie: Jim Morris: Lifelong Fitness.  Jim Morris is a 78 year old vegan body builder and his inspiring story can be found here:
    Jim Morris: Lifelong Fitness – The Story of a 78-Year-Old Vegan Bodybuilder

  5. Just a question really  not saying its right or wrong to be Vegan. Forgetting supplements taking, vitamin b12 is in meats, fish etc. Lack of B12 long term Vegan diet will show after decades. Where do they get B12 from. Search for “vitamin B12 deficiency”.

    1. +FreePizza007 I heard some seaweed has b12, but it’s not easily digested, and the farming method, is highly unsustainable.

    2. What’s the problem with supplements. Look up the numbers for b12 defficencies. They’re much more common than you think. Really everyone should supplement b12, they’re cheap, 1 tiny pill a day. And there is no health problems associated with over comsumption of b12.

    3. +Kaylamarie’s diaries
      I agree that B12 is in the soil as I have references to that  so eating some soil may help. I have not seen references to B12 being made in the intestine.


    4. B 12 actually comes from a bacteria that our intestines and the earth produce. When u eat meat your really just eating the animals stored b12.

  6. Wow he is so extremly weak so i think they made this video to make people laugh……Also he has bad form on most stuff……Talking about first guy on video, the girl seems to have some knowledge but to bad she uses so light weights too.

  7. Clearly not a good diet for muscular growth or health.  Am I the only person who does not think these people look especially good or muscular?  And did he just say he does not do deadlifts?  Well, that explains it.  Sorry guys, but probably not the best video to promote vegan fitness. But maybe that’s just an oxymoron.  

    1. Well, one’s a dancer, and another is a long distance athlete, it makes sense for them not to have large muscles. As for the body builder, you may have a point there.

  8. yeah the dudes are definately skinny. there’s no way the protein from nuts, legumes and vegetables matches the quality in the protein contained in beef, chicken, fish, etc. i bet if these guys ate meats but still continue with vegetables and healthy foods on the side they can pack on another 30 pounds of muscle

    1. +Nico Antonescu I agree with most of the stuff you say. I am trying to live a healthier life. I am finding it hard just to eat vegtables so I will eat fish from now on as well. No dairy or meat though. Is six eggs a day not bad for you though?

  9. There are some dogmatic anti-vegan arguments floating around regarding testosterone. ” It is concluded that a vegan diet causes a substantial increase in SHBG but has little effect on total or free T or on E2.” enjoy. I like the tautology of “genetics”, people that have large muscles as vegans are purely genetically superior. Moving the goal post demonstrates intellectual dishonesty, when you lack empirical go metaphysical or anecdotal :3. Heres another study for good measure

  10. Why do all vegans have dreadlocks, that’s fucking disgusting!  Dreadlocks are the nastiest shit on earth, but so is being a vegan retard!  Vegans are disgusting!

    1. +Ronan D If your just eating lentills and beans then no wonder you feel bad. If you’ve put on weight it’s because your eating too many calories or aren’t exercising as much as you use to, it’s got nothing to do with veganism. It’s all in your head because plants have all the nutrients we need.

    2. +Gabriella Ryan I think he makes sense. I have been trying this for over a week now. Eating so much lentils, soy beans, Tofu etc. I have actually put on weight as in fat and I have lost muscle and strength. I am going to introduce fish into this diet now before I fade away.

    3. +Alex DeLarge Ok, most maybe all huge vegan bodybuilers gain their muscle unnaturally, and i agree that people lie about how they’ve got their body the way it is to make money. Being vegan isn’t exactly a harmful thing to be advertising, it’s better for the environment, animals and if done correctly can be better for health. There’s some morality in it underneath the lies haha

  11. man no doubt the vegan diet is the best diet, no doubt the meat milk and eggs are complete shit , but this dude the bodybuilder doesn’t look like a bodybuilder at all. great person tho

  12. For the people advocating that you need to eat animal protein, where do you think the animals get their protein from?! All the animals we consume ARE vegan! Lol You’re just choosing to filter your nutrients through a dead carcass and as a result consuming the animal fats and cholesterol along with it. Why not just go straight to the source of whole fresh plant foods. “People eat meat and think they will become as strong as an ox, forgetting that the ox eats grass.” –Pino

    1. +Spirit Splice Thank you. Good luck in your travels. I hope you find what it is that you’re seeking, or moreover, perhaps you first find something worthwhile to seek?

    2. +andrew turner He’s got to be. His commentary is just dripping with contempt and myopic logical conclusions drawn from evidence only found within his own delusional mental landscape.

  13. I don’t get it. Why do all of these Vegan Bodybuilders need to wear Vegan clothing to show that they’re Vegan? It’s fine if you choose that lifestyle I’m sure it’s great, but why the constant advertising? It makes the whole Vegan thing seem very cultish like Crossfit.

    1. also, have you ever seen a *vegan* printed shit in real life? i haven’t.
      on top of that, you’re hating on vegan advertisement in the comment section of a documentary about veganism!
      i kind of get what you’re saying about people feeling the need to advertise everything they believe in, but it’s a little unfair to specifically target vegans on this matter. isn’t it?

    2. +DerWeisseWolfe ……. forgetting the fact that you’re bombarded with commercialized shit products *constantly!*

    3. +DerWeisseWolfe Dairy and Meat industry spend billions advertising and promoting death and suffering through false advertising do you ask why.

    4. I am a vegetarian, and to be honest, I would probably be too shy to do something like that, but they probably do it so that others know that there ARE vegans around. That its NOT impossible. That you CAN be strong, that you CAN be happy and there IS a community around you.

      Community is a big motivation for humans, and if someone is thinking about a vegan lifestyle and isnt sure and sees this people with t shirts around, I can bet you they´ll feel more comfortable about it than if they see no one around with it.

      So yeah, I suport it! 100%! 

      I think everyone should thank everyone who is deliberately supporting health and compassion in any kind of advertising.

    5. +DerWeisseWolfe Maybe because TV Advertising is way to expensive…local commercials cost from $200 to $1,500 per 30 seconds and national commercials range from $100,000 to $500,000 just for 30 seconds, now production of the commercial is an added cost that may go from $1,500 to $1,000,000 for a 30 second commercial…and these are figures I got from 2011…now it’s 2015, so go figure! Peace 🙂

  14. Wow these fools don’t train worth shit.  Not even sweating when they are training.  Its not the vegan diet they just don’t know how to train.

  15. Why can’t vegans promote there message of health and wellness in a positive way there always angry and describing things in a horrific way that’s no way to encourage other’s to find interest in veganism by berating them for there choices

    1. +shovel268 Vegans are the ones who have hearts that hurt from knowing that animals are tortured being raised to be eaten and also that those who eat them will suffer also. So for those 2 reasons some Vegans try very hard to help others to understand all the suffering that is caused by eating meat. In frustration some Vegans show graphic horrific pictures to the meat eaters who close their eyes and minds and continue to cause suffering and death while getting sicker and sicker until their early death. I am 65 and have had time to see friends suffer and die, it makes me sad.

    2. +shovel268 It seems that way because most vegans do what they do for ethical reasons. It’s hard to not get strong feelings or word things strongly when the other side have a slave class that get systematically raped, killed, used and abused.

  16. How many 300 pound human vegans are there? Lady vegans look great with low-fat curves, but who wants to be a 6 foot 145 pound man?

    1. +Politically Incorrect Shit, how many 200 pound vegan men are there? They are all scrawny pussies with no test.

    2. +Politically Incorrect Hard to be 300 pounds starving yourself on vegetables. Sooner or later these idiots all get deficiencies, get sick, and after years of making excuses end up going back to meat.

  17. At 7:43 he says how we are obese cuz we are always hungry. We are always hungry becuz we aren’t get proper nutrients. I think that is good logic. I am not vegan I just try to eat variety of food and not over eat

  18. hate to say it… robert looks really small in this video, even for a natural bodybuilder, looks more like an athlete/gymnast than a bodybuilder

    1. +Spirit Splice that’s right they are not nor are they so rare that they are contained in just one particular product that comes complete with viruses, puss, bacteria and the rest

    2. +Ronan D what BS. there is nothing magical in animal protein that imparts vitality and strength. you are just a victim of propaganda, you poor thing.

  19. “I’m showing that you can get big, and strong, and be very powerful” wtf do you even lift???
    I have no problem with vegans, but don’t disrespect bodybuilding like that lol, you aren’t a bodybuilder, you don’t even look like you lift.

    A bunch of hippies in this video

    1. +SmallShrimp IKR? What kind of loser would look at these effeminate looking beta fags and think, “wow, I wish I looked like that!!”. They always look like pussfied losers.

  20. At 60 years of age I found it difficult to sustain myself properly on keto. I think I did get some gains and also a wealth of knowledge about nutrition. I’ve watched thousands of videos and found that NO-ONE has really outlined all the facts properly but I do realise that we are in early days. I’ve decided to return to a healthy carb diet and will try again if I need to and hopefully try keto-os later as well.

  21. Sooner or later these idiots all get deficiencies, get sick, and after years of making excuses end up going back to meat.

    The woman is a freak and an attention whore, and the guy is a soy-laden faggot who is weak as fuck. This is a great video to turn people away from your stupid cult.

    1. +andrea s

      ” the only people who are protein deficient are the ones who’ve died of starvation.”

      One of the major factors in sarcopenia is protein deficiency.

      “Osteoporosis isn’t caused by lack of protein”

      It is a contributing factor.

      ” Loss of bone mass (osteopenia) and loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia) that occur with age are closely related. Factors that affect muscle anabolism, including protein intake, also affect bone mass. Changes in bone mass, muscle mass, and strength track together over the life span. Bone health is a multifactorial musculoskeletal issue. Calcium and protein intake interact constructively to affect bone health. Intakes of both calcium and protein must be adequate to fully realize the benefit of each nutrient on bone. Optimal protein intake for bone health is likely higher than current recommended intakes, particularly in the elderly.”

      “That comment clearly shows your lack of general knowledge let alone nutritional knowledge. ”

      Pure projection.

    2. +Spirit Splice wow that information is so wrong lol, the only people who are protein deficient are the ones who’ve died of starvation. Osteoporosis isn’t caused by lack of protein… That comment clearly shows your lack of general knowledge let alone nutritional knowledge. How embarrassing

    3. Well, a serving of nutritional yeast has the same amount of protein as a serving of canned tuna, so I can sprinkle that on my salad instead for protein- in fact it’s easier to get more protein from nutritional yeast than tuna because it takes up less volume in my stomach than tuna, so I can eat several servings on my salad without feeling full. And even if what you say about low protein and disease is true (I haven’t researched it yet) low vitamins and low fiber cause other medical problems and many people on a standard American diet are not getting enough of either, whereas raw vegans get a lot more because fruit is so vitamin dense and full of fiber, while vegetables are mineral dense and full of fiber. Sorry to be graphic but, raw vegans go to the bathroom several times a day whereas with the standard American diet sometimes people don’t even go once a day. That’s not good for their colon. Meat has no fiber and is low in many vitamins and minerals, so if you decide to eat it, you still need plenty of fruits and vegetables to balance your diet. For instance, when I add just a serving of tuna and cup of ground beef to cronometer, one could get all the protein needed for a day but would be mineral deficient in 9 out of 11 minerals (only getting enough selenium and zinc but not enough of anything else (calcium 3%, iron only 22%, potassium 10%, magnesium 12%, manganese 1%, phosphorus 44%, etc). Also the vitamins would be deficient in 12 out of 13 vitamins. So you would definitely get some deficiency diseases without fruits and vegetables, but in the standard American diet, people aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables to get their vitamins and minerals in. So enter the breads and other processed foods fortified with vitamins. But the body doesn’t process vitamins the same way from powders added to bread as it does from whole foods like apples and oranges. Plus when people get vitamins from store bought orange juice it’s been pasteurized and the heat killed the vitamin C in it, so there is vitamin C powder added afterward. Raw vegans eat plants uncooked so we are assimilating more of the vitamins and minerals from the original foods, not from supplements added to the foods. I would say more Americans are suffering from vitamin and mineral deficiencies than protein deficiency, even vegans, because many vegans are actually quite conscious about making sure that they eat protein rich plant foods in addition to the other vitamins and minerals and fiber they get. Many vegans are probably more conscious about getting enough protein in their diet than other Americans are about getting enough vitamins and minerals in their diet. But I do admit, there are vegans who mainly load up on processed vegan meat alternatives and processed vegan breads, and I don’t think they are paying that much attention to their health anymore than the average American.

  22. The greatest question of all time is “where do you get your protein”? Same place you do “food”! Yes you can still build muscle being vegan diet the proof is in the pudding. Love been Vegan!

  23. Rule #1 don’t read the YouTube comments lol. So many negative closed minded low vibrational people. Raise your vibrations! Open to the truth!

  24. Vegan: A new and experimental diet for human beings with no evolutionary basis.

    “The healthiest lifestyle I can think of nutritionally and environmentally”
    I guess that depends on what you look at. If you look at environmental destruction and death of small animals caused by the common practice of growing plants in monocultures that are dependent on petrochemicals verses the symbiotic environment created by raising plants and animals together then, I would have to disagree. There are videos, documentaries and other examples of this if you choose to look for them. In addition, fruits and vegetables are not nutritionally dense foods when compared to animal foods like salmon, liver and shellfish. But again, this all depends on what you choose to look for.

    I’m not sure what the agenda is for these people who promote this kind of unnatural diet but, it has no basis in doing what is good nutritionally or environmentally and it can easily result in nutrition deficiencies and health problems.

  25. I tried the deodorants they seem to work for a small period of time. Hygiene in the woman do she use all of the time feminine vegan products?

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