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  1. This is why I admire people that cook! This whole process took like 2 hours. I’m so lazy. I will go to McDonald’s and get nuggets in 2 minutes (and it’d be cheaper).

    1. its not really cheaper
      it only seems that way because you don’t have to buy all the ingredients for it (most of which will last you for 20+ vegan mcnuggets recipes) all in one go

    2. +animals rule It is pretty sad that some people run on money, but many people are just poor and cannot afford to make vegan McDonald’s. Btw,  love your name

    3. Sounds like you run on money, almost everyone does. That’s one thing I wish I could change about the world.

    1. anything that replicates the desired effect of an egg in a recipe. eggs are used as binders in most recipes that use it, so there are things that can simulate that.

  2. tips for easier vegan chicken nuggets: use tofu, cut into shapes, soak in soy sauce, pepper and garlic then bread and fry/bake. (super delicious and the same color and texture as nuggets, it’s hard to tell the difference) or buy veggie nuggets frozen at whole foods.

  3. This seems like a lot of work, but you could always make a large amount of batches at once, and then stop at the freezing step until the day you want to fry and eat them. This would be GREAT for kids!!!

  4. Would leaving the onions out really mess with the flavour? I have a sensitivity to them which results in a migraine if I eat ’em :///

    1. +Katrina S yeah, sometimes I use garlic, it gets old p soon though, makes everything taste the same ;; green onions are the same as the regular ones, sadly. but thank

  5. Looks awesome! Really miss those little bastards.. If you are looking for free music for your videos i have plenty on my channel 🙂

  6. I’m just being honest but I had to rewind the entire 1st minute because I was distracted by your hair. Your hair looks so fake, the blond does NOT suite you honey & this is coming from a guy. I think you would look much better with a dark brown or black maybe even a maroon red. And the styling, I don’t think the waves suite you maybe try something else. I normally don’t say these kinds of things but I just had to be honest with my feelings.

  7. that was *A* *LOT* of work!
    whew! I’m tired just from watching u make them. that takes a *Loooong* time to prepare & cook, when there gonna get eaten so quickly.

  8. I just discovered this video and oh my god you’re crazy I love it. I’ll definitely try this recipe !

  9. At first I got annoyed because I thought you were trying too hard to be funny, then I realized I was grinning…lol

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