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  1. Wow great video, that is so much faster and easier then i thought it would be.  Definately a new edition to my diet

    1. Thanks Matthew for watching, glad you found the video helpful:) I try to show that eating healthy is easy and not complicated! 

  2. Great recipe, thanks. No links tho to the product you mentioned, jar with lid, and search on your blog didn’t find an article on either parmesan or cheese. BW :O)

    1. Sorry about the links I just linked them now:) I don’t have a blog post up yet for this recipe. I am going to working on posting my youtube videos on my blog consistently in the near future of you have somewhere you refer to! Thanks for your comment xo

    1. Yes I love nutritional yeast! I usually use it when I’m doing things like kale chips or topped on soup 🙂

  3. This is such a cool idea! Can’t wait to try it out 🙂 Btw, I have been watching your videos for sometime and finally got around commenting! I am also from Canada (but now living in Tokyo for few months) so I can relate to a lot of the items that you are getting from costco and stuff. Hope to see you soon on your next video!

    1. Thanks so much!! I would love to visit Tokyo one day.. must be a really interesting place 🙂 

  4. wouldn’t this be just garlicky cashew bits??.. why not add nutritional yeast for the ” cheesy” effect no?

    1. You can def add nutritional yeast! I was going for more of a parmesan taste for this cheese which is typically saltier. When you add it to recipes like my pesto or homemade ceaser dressing it really does taste like theres parmesan in it 🙂

    1. I said a week in the video but it can probably last closer to 2 weeks in the fridge. 

    1. I’ve never tried it.. wouldn’t it just turn into a paste? I love chickpeas though:)

  5. Lol, this looks great.

    I would try more raw vegan recipes but lots of them have nut. And I’m allergic to nuts. I can just feel my allergies kick in.😿

    Lol, but this looks cool.💖🌺😋

  6. I’m a bit at a loss here. It looks like a nice sprinkle for many dishes and I know I’m gonna use it a lot, but how is it cheese?

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful and inspiring message. I can totally relate with the student budget, I use to have to really watch what I spent when I was in school and while backpacking for almost 2 years. It makes me so happy to hear when my videos are genuinely helping others such as yourself. Thank you for all your kind words, it means a lot 🙂 

    2. I just made your pesto recipe and this parmesan and am eating it as we speak. I understand now, and may I add it is pretty devine.
      I recently started eating far less meat and smaller portions of food, mainly because money is tight, and now a month later I have to say I feel a lot healthier. A series of yoga videos I use occasionally deals with the vegan lifestyle and since I’v been more aware of my food lately I started to look into that yesterday and stumbled across your channel just a couple of hours ago. It looked really good and something I could work with (just knowing chiaseeds are very healthy doesn’t make for a meal) so I bought all the neccesaries, which cost an arm and a leg if your used to student meals, and I didn’t have a foodprocessor. Money well spend though because the flavours are so full I can’t believe I’v been eating so much junk for all these years. I can’t thank you and that yoga instructor enough for this eyeopener because I’m gonna try all your recipes know 🙂

    3. +HerrFinsternis Its a great substitute for Parmesan because it has that salty taste and texture. 

  7. We love your vegan recipes!!! Check out our vegan Indian recipes at #Fame  Food!
    Let us know what you think!

    1. +Andree Teo
      Thanks for understanding.
      I’ve clicked on “follow” on your Google+ page.
      Take care.

    2. +HealthNutNutrition um but the commenter said that he/she is allergic to all nuts. you should probably just give another alternative instead of saying that…?

  8. Cashew nuts are not actually raw though, they are heat processed to remove them from the shell, which is toxic
    Still a good idea tho! … just not raw haha

    1. lol well if it was 100% raw I guess it wouldn’t be great because like you said the shell is toxic so yeah I prefer it “not raw* 😂😂

    1. +Colm Rooney Too much salt is bad for you. If you are cooking your own food and add salt to recipes that is not nearly as much salt as eating out or eating processed food.

    1. Oh its simply slang for it. Nooch is short for no cheese or nutritional cheese, so you’ll usually hear it called that :)

    2. Thanks for the explanation. I know and use nutritional yeast, I actual just featured it in a favourites video the other day. I was just asking what “nooch” meant but thank you 

    3. +HealthNutNutrition nutritional yeast, aka the first and most crucial ingredient in any vegan cheese recipe. tastes cheesy/nutty and is packed with important minerals and nutrients. you should look into it for legit vegan Parmesan and other recipes, and because your YT name alludes that you should know what these types of natural ingredients are! 😉

  9. Thank you for a recipe that doesn’t use nutritional yeast. Its really expensive and hard to find where I live

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