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  1. Great tips! I went from omni to vegan overnight. Kind of like just ripping the band aid off…and it was way easier than I thought it would be! I know others are not the same way though. The key for me was to forgive myself to make mistakes ahead of time; I knew it could happen. Being consciously gentle with myself after some initial screw-ups helped too. <3

    1. I was ready to start overnight too, if I weren’t living with my parents  at the time. That said, it gave me time to do even more research than I had already done, and make less mistakes by the time I was ready to practice. A transition period is helpful and I would recommend it for most people. Good for you that you were able to do it overnight though!

    2. Yasss!! Excellent tip about being gentle with yourself. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing, Mary.

  2. I am currently pescatarian (mostly eating vegetarian) but i want to be vegan. I can totally do it at home, but I have such a hard time in social situations.  I don’t think other eating lifestyles require so much explaining as vegetarianism and veganism and I guess I just dont like having to have those conversations with people everytime I have a meal with someone for the first time.

  3. I agree with most of the tips, but I feel buying packaged & processed vegan food isn’t good either which contains preservatives and other chemicals not good for us.

    1. I agree but these alternatives were sooo helpful while transitioning my own family.
      Most people can’t/won’t go from zero to vegan overnight, so I want to show that options to slowly transition are out there. 
      You wouldn’t believe how many emails I get from people who think we only eat salad and drink smoothies.
      Thanks for the feedback. 🙂

    2. It’s for people who miss their meat and have a craving or a hard time transitionning. Those processed vegan food are the secret weapon of vegan, to show omnivores that stick to meat cos of its taste, that we can still get the same taste(or texture, or just the dish smh), even when being a vegan; but minus the deaths and waste that comes with it. It has its own purpose. With those fake meats, no meat lover has an excuse to not transition (if he/she hesitates), you get what I mean?

  4. Im gonna try one vegan meal a week. Gonna start slow. We only eat chicken and fish and only do that when we go out. Eating at home is much easier I find.

    1. Woohoo! Check out my blog (brownvegan.com) and vegancookingwithlove.com for recipes. Pinterest is also amazing for vegan recipes too!
      Good luck and please update me on your progress.

  5. Sharing this! Monique, you have such a gift when it comes to making this lifestyle accessible to those that may have apprehensions. Mahalo <3

    1. Heeey boo! This compliment means so much to me coming from you.
      Thanks so much for sharing and supporting, Cobi! *hugs*

  6. If u have a Wholefoods Market in your area, go there for their Meatless Monday deal. You can get really great cooked & raw vegan food & as much as u can fit into the large plates they give out.

  7. This really was helpful. I’ve been thinking about going vegan before 30. And needed a few tips how to start off slowly. First thing I will do is one day a week vegan meal. Thanks for the tips!

  8. Yeah I’m pretty much vegan. I Was full vegan for two years But cheese is something that has found its way back in my life. I have tired every substitute for it. But none of it comes close to real cheese. It’s my one downfall in life. I don’t eat it often but i do at times. Other then that I’m animal free. I know I could do with out it. But Im not perfect.

    1. Guys! 
      Field Roast now has a cheese called CHAO! It’s GREAT vegan cheese! You won’t believe how good it is!

    2. instead of looking for a direct substitute, make vegan sauces, or use other ingredients that you can blend and puree and use as a condiment that is tasty for your food. You can live without cheese, keep trying, I believe in you!

    3. I totally relate I think everyone likes cheese alot because, I was doing research that when cheese is in our body it releases a chemical similar to the process in which a baby bonds with their mother

    4. Yeah cheese is the devil! I agree that it’s hard to find one that’s exactly like the “real thing”
      It took me TWO years to acquire a taste for vegan cheese.
      You’re doing your best, Chris! No one is perfect. 🙂

    5. Cheese and yogurt are small issues for me as well. Fortunately : )  I am lactose intolerant, and can’t eat a lot of either, but I’ve tried vegan cheese. Some aren’t bad, but they are so processed. Regular cheese has been made simply by populations all around the world for millennia. It seems better to eat the regular cheese than the heavily processed vegan cheese. I’d try the soy yogurt, but being diabetic, I can’t eat the high carb soy yogurts. I find limiting my intake of the real thing is better than eating a lot of processed vegan dairy products.   That said, I will eat some of the Gardein and Yves products because we know this is processed stuff from the get go. The only natural choice is to eat animal flesh, plus, my omni son will eat many of these products without a problem, which makes life easy for me in the kitchen. You have do what you have to do.. 

    1. Heeey!!! Thanks for watching. 🙂 Let me know if you want to hop on Skype. We should catch up.

  9. Another great vid.   PLEASSSSSSSSSSE…..do a vid on the skincare, beauty products you use (including toothpaste, deo, etc).   LOVE IT !!!!!!!

  10. OK my sister has been telling me to try meatless Mondays; I will start tomorrow. I juiced my veggies for all day.

  11. My favorite tip is to always make double portions because then I freeze one of the portions and after awhile the freezer is full of vegan “fast food” for the days when I’m not in the mood or don’t have time to cook.  What is your favorite egg replacer?  Specifically in the making of french toast or pancakes?

    1. Awesome tip! This does save time AND money. 🙂
      I use Ener-G egg replacer.
      I don’t usually make french toast, so I don’t have a suggestion for that.

  12. Can you hook me up with some vegan cheese that doesn’t taste terrible? That’s the only thing that is causing me to stay vegetarian.

    1. +Sean Ascani
      Tofutti Dairy Free Sour Cream and you can make your own…
      *15 oz can of coconut milk
      *1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice
      *1/8 teaspoon sea salt
      Place the coconut can in the fridge overnight.  Open can from the bottom to drain the water. Scoop out the “cream” and place in a small bowl. Whisk in the acv or lemon juice and salt.

    2. I can relate! It took me 2 years to acquire a taste for vegan cheese. lol I keep hearing the Teese brand is good but it’s not available in my grocery store (maybe the company ships?) so I haven’t tried it. These days I used Daiya but Follow Your Heart actually tastes better to me.

  13. LOVE your channel! I’ve been a vegetarian for about a year now and I’m trying to transition into veganism but my parents are completely against it and since they buy all the groceries , it’s hard to get them to buy alternatives. any tips?

    1. make meals for yourself that include any dairy or meat. Sometimes you’ll have to give in and eat what your parents serve you, but try as much as you can to get used to vegan meals that you make for yourself. Acquire a taste for them, learn what you like and what works for you, and take notes. You aren’t going to be a real vegan until you move out. So just be patient and hold onto your goal in the meantime. Be strong, but patient. It will happen.

  14. Wonderful!
    You have a beautiful light about you and have a caring way to describe your ideas.. Keep it up.
    Transitioning from Veg to Vegan slowly myself. .

  15. Lovvvee this! Been trying to go full vegan for a couple months but had very lil info on recipes and different subs for meats. Thank you!!

  16. I’ve been trying to completely cut out animal products from my lifestyle ever since I was a teen, But I’ve been back and forth with eating dairy over the years. I just happened to stumble upon your channel and I love that you also take it in account that our food consumption has an effect on the environment. People actually don’t talk about it as much other than books and documentaries. Definitely clicked the subscribe button! 🙂

  17. It ´s hard to be vegan in our country we dont have any vegan replacements. Yes we do have tofu bud i ´d really love to see how would americans survive here. U ´r just so lucky with so many options 🙁

  18. This video was so helpful…ive been on this journey trying to get here for a year plus some…this will be incredible when i finally do it fully…ive changed my lifestyle a lot in the past two years and i know this is right for me…i will definitely be checking out your blog and sharing this video on mine

  19. Love this video! Just subbed. 🙂
    I’ve been a vegetarian for about 8 years and have tried to just completely go vegan and it failed after a few days. Now I’m working on transitioning to being vegan slowly. Definitely feels like this is a much better approach!

  20. Thanks Monique! It was encouraging to hear this video. I once walked the vegan lifestyle, but returned to my former bad eating. Happy to say that, I am back! made the initial transition about 2 weeks ago, and feeling better already!! Im still on your mailing list so ill be getting your e-mails. Keep up the great work! Blessings

  21. yes..procesed junk is good for your health.girl..there s a lot you dont know jet.the real health can only be with the truth and with love,nature.take a look what dr.sebi has to say about that.take a chance if you want to keep your integrity…..dr.sebi.youtube.

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