48 thoughts on “Thrift Haul and Vegan Beauty Haul + GIVEAWAY ENDED

  1. i would steal your hair if possible! so gorgeous. but i’d definitely steal that maxi skirt, such a cute find!

  2. I’m recently turning vegan and just found your channel and I love all your vegan advice.. P.s. Would love to see vegan shopping hauls.. The thing I would steal from you would be the blood orange perfume.. Cause that sounds yummy !!! And if I would fit in it the lacy pink nighty .. Ohhh and the boots of course so my style .. Also would like to take that whole box actually cause I need to find a whole wack of new makeup and nail polish now :S I’m committed so I’m determined to find it all!

  3. I recently just found this company called 100% pure, all vegan products, its really great they have a lot of stuff on their website 🙂

  4. Oooo I’ve gotten vegan cuts boxes!!! Love them, I love how your into the same stuff as me hehe

  5. hey u need to revisit california n do a meet&greet this time! my familys goin to missouri this weekend and I wont b joining cuz I sold my soul to a job 🙁 sad day!

    id steal that whole vegancuts box! I want to subscribe to em now!

  6. i would steal that pink teddy bear in the background along with you know, everything else…. (-: BTW what kind of lipstick are you wearing? 

  7. I would steal the eyeliner and the serum and the perfume … also your lips and tattoos xD ….HUGE FAN <3

  8. You know what? Maybe that nail polisher won’t match your skin or your clothes… I think that you should be ok with me stealing that from you… 
    Go look in your vanity, if it’s missing… I won’t tell you who stole it… I swear AHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Cool video!

  9. I would steal EVERYTHING BECAUSE YOUR WARDROBE IS HELLA CUTE and yeah sorry for yelling I just got excited…

  10. My channel features cruelty free and natural/vegan beauty 🙂 I think it would be helpful. I know some brands you call cruelty free are owned by companies that test, so learning all of that helps your money go to the right place! Plus I think I feature a lot of brands you would absolutely love!

  11. I just discovered your channel and I’m already subscribed! What you said about the perfume your mom wants cracked me up! haha You’re super cute and it makes me so happy to see more and more people switching up to vegan products!

  12. If you don’t mind me asking, what part of Missouri? I just moved here to the Warrensburg (ish) area and I can’t find any good thrift stores and I would like to know which ones you like to go to. Also you’re adorable and I’m so glad I found your channel. Have a lovely day. 

  13. I…I’m so sad… I just saw your message saying I won 🙁 it was hidden in one of my gmail folders :'( I never win anything and the one time I do, I don’t see the message! I’m so sorry

  14. in the place I live we don’t have thrift stores and that is so so soooo sad 🙁 the nearest place I have to go is san diego …. but is two hours away 🙁

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