88 thoughts on “Smoked Paprika Vegan Cheese Recipe – Soy & Nut Free!!!

  1. some ingredients you name and i don’t understand. please do take your time and efforts to explain each item. i dont know you aussies folks if you have different ingredients

  2. Hi Anya, it looks devine! Just wondering if natural soy milk could be used in place of the 1 cup water in the recipe? Maybe it would make the cheese a bit more flavourful. I’m making this this weekend I guess 😉

  3. I just made your recipe it is now setting in the fridge and I tasted it and it is yummy! I added two substitutes as I did not have the paprika and lemon, so I added pickle juice, instead of one cup of water and added one tablespoon of mustard (because I love mustard) and the rest is the same recipe, I am soooo excited! Thank you for your awesome recipes! Have a great weekend!

  4. God dammit i need to get a Vitamix i have this god knows how old Oscar blender and i don’t think that’ll work for this recipe ugghhh!!! Dx

  5. CookingWithPlants
    I have to know which brand of Nutritional Yeast did you use!????
    I have the one from
    Bobs Red Mill
    but for some reason that cheese taste isn’t really there and it goes away if i mix it will anything, please help!!!

  6. Where do I buy this the powder to make it thick didn’t really understand that. would knox geleton work?

  7. Great recipe except from yeast. In the website is says ”Why do we need a delicious soy-free cheese? Or a nut-free cheese? For those of us who do not suffer from allergies or sensitivities to food it is easy to forget that millions of do”. So nuts and soy cause allergies and yeast not? Yeast is fungi you know…

    1. +CookingWithPlants Your sexy ass can get the biz. Cheese was the hardest thing for me when I went Vegan. Calzones, Pizza, Tacos, Grilled Cheese, and etc. was a problem. Keep up the good work!  

  8. I tried t his recipe today but I had issues with the agar agar powder brand that I used 😱 can you recommend a brand? Aside from the agar agar issue the flavor was amazing!

  9. Just made this. I cut the recipe in half after seeing how many cheese molds you had (since I’m the only one eating it). I thought I’d have an issue with storing the cheese (I made 3 molds), but I can’t seem to stop eating it. Forget crackers! LOL! I just slice and eat! Thanks SO much for this recipe! I’m gonna try some other flavors and I’m about to check out your other cheese recipes too. New subscriber here for sure! 🙂

  10. This looks great! Im on a juice fast at the moment until Saturday but this is on my list to make for my christmas cheeseboard <3 Love your videos x

  11. Hi Anya,what brand blender are you using ? Also what food procesdor do you recommend for vegan recepies? I bought a Breville kitchen wizz 11 plus as my first ever food processor and I’m quite unhappy as it does not blend dates at all it sticks to the blades. I tryed soft medjul dates and dry ones too and did not work so Im dissapointed as I would like to use a lot for cakes etc. Thank you. love your videos!

  12. Thank you! What brand agar agar did you use? I want to buy that one so I can make my cheese just like yours
    !!! 😊

  13. My first attempt was a bit spongy, but will be fine on pizza and lasagna. I should have used a bit more agar agar I think. This is a great recipe though because it has real food in it, like sweet potato and oats. I used a bit of grated carrot instead of the pepper. Thanks.

  14. I tried this with red miso paste instead of nutritional yeast, which still tasted delish, although like another commenter here said, it’s still a bit overly oat flavoured. I’d love to see a recipe for a Daiya style vegan cheese, ie without nuts or oats or potato, but rather based on tapioca (for stretch), coconut oil (for meltability- not all of us avoid oil), nutritional yeast etc. It seems to me like it would also be cheaper than these recipes based on cashews, sweet potato etc.

    1. PJ Mobile I could bet is not the overstate of oats but the east! I am waiting for someone who might have tried the recipe without it! (I really can’t stand it!).

  15. Do you have a nut allergy? I’m going to try this recipe but it’s obviously low fat content makes me think it might not be very satisfying.

  16. I made this today and I used butternut squash instead of the sweet potato. It has a weird texture but it tastes good on crackers.

  17. hia ! I tryed this chees to day but it did not become solid ….. why ? It started getting solid in my foodprosessor but it did not go around so good so i uses a hanvisk at the end …..the taste is very good 😉but its a spred….
    love your videos …. Winnie from Norway !👍😊❤

  18. Hello, I tried the recipe with pectin and so far they look amazing! I am just going to let them sit overnight to set completely.

  19. sounds all great – but I would rather use fresh garlic and onions instead of the artificially dried stuff – has anyone tried that yet in this recipe?

  20. This looks great I can’t wait to try to make it! But can you tell me how long it will last in the fridge before it would go bad?
    Thank you for sharing this!

  21. Hi Anja!By the way, your recipe is excellent :)!!The only thing I was wondering is if there is a natural additive I could put to make it more solid (cheddar cheese texture) instead of a gelatine texture?Lol I did your recipe 3 times in a week, I’m hooked by the taste :P.Great job and thanks for sharring it to us :)!

  22. You’re incredibly creative and talented!!! I love You!!! ❤ I’m vegan over a year now and your recipes helped me a LOT especially in the beginning!!!! ❤

  23. I am just excited that after looking up many websites I found agar agar powder. Now I can make some vegan cheese.

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