Vegan Sex, My Love Life & Other Inappropriate Things | Q&A

70 thoughts on “Vegan Sex, My Love Life & Other Inappropriate Things | Q&A

  1. Well I thought sex was boring as a meat eater and now after 30 years as a vegan, the one or two times I get it every 5 years, I still think it is boring. It is no more devoid of any sensation as a vegan than it was as a meat eater, I can honestly state, before somebody gets on at me to go back on a meat diet. As for sex, I have never known what the fuss is all about, it is crap!

  2. “Consuming their menstruation”? Huh?? What does that mean? (totally serious, I have no idea what you’re talking about)

    1. Eggs are chicken periods/menstruation. Since the eggs humans consume is unfertilized (so no baby chicks) its the same as human females who have periods when their eggs are not fertilized except we have periods where our eggs are essentially broken down whereas chickens lay those eggs whole.

  3. i really don’t think that your sex life has anything to do with what you eat. more with your lifestile. i do belive that if you have a mixed and balanced diet, and exercise every day, the differences is few to none in your sex life. saying that all vegans are good in bed, looks a little bit suspicious (subjective) isn’t?

  4. sorry i don’t want to be rude but,sucking c..k aka swallow a lot of meat is not against vegan philosophy…?

    1. Youve probably found your answer by now but for others’ benefit, she had it sheared off sheep-style in a demonstration of animal branding (on her channel).

  5. Fifth of your videos I watched today. You made me not just laugh but also completely forget about the time which resulted in me having spent 40 minutes + on my stationary bike lol

  6. I fell in love with a carnivore. It’s not easy that he isn’t vegan, and I wish he was, but some times you can’t help who you fall in love with

    1. You mean omnivore right? cuz if he seriously only eats meat, sorry to break it, he will die premature and leave you heart broken 🙁

  7. I think that everyone is vegan deep inside, because that’s our real nature. So the best thing would be dating non-vegans to make them go vegan

  8. “Tmi alert!”

    So im a little over a month into switching over to a Vegan diet and my sex drive has rocketed.
    Only problem is, it was already insanely high.
    When your palm has friction burn it may be a sign that the saying ” You can get too much of a good thing” may have a point lol 😛

  9. The other day my boyfriends mum said to my boyfriend: since she’s a vegan that means she won’t breastfeed right?

    I face palmed about 500000 times -_-

  10. It’s tough to convince guys. Western society programs every boy to flip their emotions upside down, to where strength = violence, and compassion = weakness. The softer you make them feel, the angrier they will get. It is programmed weakness, and it has made men VERY weak, and society very sick. Women have been poisoned too but at least they have their emotional capacity more or less intact, which makes this endeavor a bit easier on them.

    Anyways, to convince guys, science, nutrition data, and authority figures are the only real methods I’ve seen that work. With all the industry bro-science though, that’s not without serious challenges.

  11. I am a vegan looking only for fwb type relationships at this point and slowly I am finding it hard to share my most intimate time with meat eaters. It sucks even more when they emphasize on friends part and ask me to accompany them when they eat. Guess my hand is not such a bad companion after all :/

  12. I honestly couldn’t be with a non-vegan. It would just consume me too much. I just find corpse munchers disgusting.

  13. Fucking something ugly is not considered sex and also woman can get sex easier and last but not least people fought war for you to live

  14. my boyfriend is a meat eater. he’s very accomidating and goes to every vegan event and vegan restaurant. I’m pretty in your face about animal cruelty and he’s eating less meat. I tell him all the time it would be so nice if he were vegan.

  15. I’ve been a non vegan for 20 years. A while ago, I started recieving information about food and animal torturing. I’ve been educating myself together with my boyfriend. We are now both vegan 🙂 So for anyone out there who is or wants to be in a relationship with a non vegan – do not judge. Many people are not recieving information any maybe you can be the one who changes their life. However, if this person does not do anything with the information… Then this would be a deal breaker for me at least 🙂

    1. That’s why I don’t see anyone of my family anymore except my sister and her slowly going vegan daughter ☺ ❤

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