46 thoughts on “Healthy Vegan Gluten-Free Teriyaki Noodles & Vegetables Stir Fry ♡ Vegan Recipes

    1. +Hannah Vasquez I’m just a home cook and not a nutritionist/dietician so I can’t tell you sorry but if you want to know you could input the ingredients and measurements into a calorie calculator to get an estimate.

    1. Yes I did and it was easy and most of all deliciously out if this world…thank you for your many wonderful recipes

    2. +vicky armendariz Hi Vicky! I love that idea! When I get the chance I will look into it. I’m a huge fan of curries and I love a good green curry! Did you get around to trying my recipe? xx

  1. Looks really delicious, well presented. Just a small tip to add some arrow root to soy sauce before adding to pan and it’ll thicken your sauce beautifully. Very nice video and very well presented:)

    1. +moshiko t Thank you! That’s a great tip! Usually I mix some kind of starch such as arrowroot with some water to thicken certain things but that’s a great suggestion. Will try that next time!

  2. everyone here is complaining about her not smiling and my only complain is how good the food looks but i can’t afford the ingredients TT p.s: You’re beautiful as you are.

    1. wtf indeed. My town sucks like we only have the regular vegetables
      no broccoli or fresh mushroom
      and when i traveled and found them in another town, they were like 5 bucks per kg. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY DAY THAT AMOUNT OF MONEY CAN FEED YOU IN MOROCCO? 3 days. no thanks

    2. Yeah but tofu and broccoli aren’t even available where i live so i have to order it online. We don’t have FedEx so the shipping will coast a lot of money.

  3. Wait are you dutch/german? Or living there because I read all those labels and they were either dutch or german ! Haha 🙂

  4. awesome! this is exactly what i was planning on making tonight. Most other recipes call for rice wine vinegar and all sorts of ingredients which I do not have at the moment. This recipe is simple and so easy and I bet its delicious too! I’m making this tonight for sure! Thanks for the info! 🙂

  5. <------ New subs here Thanks for the recipe it sounds as if it could become one of our favorites! Please check out some of our recipes and thanks again ! <3

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