Day In The Life Of A Raw Vegan Teen Bodybuilder: Full Day Of Eating, Training Arms

62 thoughts on “Day In The Life Of A Raw Vegan Teen Bodybuilder: Full Day Of Eating, Training Arms

  1. I like fruit much, but there is not much protein in that. Try to ad more brocoli, almonds, chia seeds… 🙂

  2. I don’t know what your diet really is, but you’re too fat in relation to muscles, so doing weight lifting is a total waste of time. I suggest you to improve your fitness, first, and of course your diet. First things first.

    1. +Nick Trickles sorry but you are mistaken.Heavy squats and deadlifts performed with low reps and high intensity have been showed superior to stimulate the mobilization of stored fat through your body. A well planned nutrition and strenght program is the best combination to loose fat while retaining muscle. For easy and understandable basis check out stronglifts for training and leangains for nutrition.

    2. +arnold norris weight lifting mostly burns carbs, because is an anaerobic activity. This is why you will not be able and efficient on lifting weights without energies coming from glucose. And this is why you don’t put on muscle mass when you do cardio. They are different activites for different purposes. What is really helpful is cardio. Obviously you’ll burn fat with cardio and weight lifting, but it’s due to cardio and not to weight lifting. Lifting weight aiming to lose weight is an absolute mistake and it does not help with burning fat. If you burn fat lifting weight it is always for other reasons (for example a balanced diet).

    3. you don’t think weight lifting burns fat? that combined with some cardio is the absolute best way to lose that extra fat and with him only eating vegetables and stuff he’s gonna start losing fat real soon

  3. “I Am A Raw Vegan Fruitarian Vegetarian Natural Teen Bodybuilder And This Is A Day In The Life Of A Raw Vegan Teen Bodybuilder” wow …



    Not much movment nigga u gettin all kindz of creampie action in your bak

  5. You’re going to give yourself a hernia with that high of a weight man, lower it and work your way up slowly. It’s better for your body in the long run.

  6. Buddy, well done one helping people out. You are definitely doing bad strength training and not bodybuilding. You drop those dumbbells to 18’s and get in sets of 15 Your muscle will be doing 18 * 15 = 270 Units of work. VS 27*3 = 81 Units. Granted you also cant take 1 Kg or Pound and lift it a thousand times. But will definitely help to find a better ratio.

  7. Change title to: Kid wears a shirt thats to tight and walks like he has a shoe up his ass to with minimal gains to make up for not eating meat.

  8. Dude do you ever eat shits for building muscles from shop(creatine, protein powder, vitamins, minerals)? Because i dont. We can see other bodybuilders pretending they are vegans but they use artificial shits so if anybody use something unnatural is not vegan. I am almost vegan, i cook some tipes of food, i dont eat meat just eggs.

  9. This guy breaths in a really weird pattern and it fucking gives me like breathing anxiety 😂😂😂

  10. 7 bananas is NOT a lot of food. not trying to “hate’ just saying. I eat 14 bananas with dates (7 dates) for breakfast!

    1. ok.. your body is bigger than mine and you’re a male so I presumed you would be able to eat more than me….guess my stomach might be larger (therefore can hold more food) or my metabolism is faster.

    2. 14 bananas and 7 dates for breakfast? Geez. 7 bananas is roughly 700+ calories depending on their sizes… That’s a good sized meal.

  11. Why a high protein and fat meal…should be high protein high carb if your feeling under fueled.

  12. How the fuck can people afford to bulk on a vegan diet. The amount of caloires needed alone is alot and when its day after day that much fruit and veggies, that shit is expensive. Where im from fruit is ridiculously pricey. Same with certain vegetables its fucked.

  13. If you ate meat you would probably make actual gains and have proper form and actually gain some strength

  14. vegans take vitamins to keep up their natural and organic health unlike meat eaters so if u take the vegan vitamins you’ll feel better

  15. DAY IN THE LIFE OF A RAW VEGAN????? Really? You are not even a raw vegan, that was your first tryal, and probably just last a couple of days, plus why do you want to be a raw vegan?

  16. Great That You starting out that young! I promote RAW VEGAN BODYBUILDING myself, check my channel. We should do a collabo.
    Keep spreading the message, PEACE✌

  17. too much fruits which contained a lot of sugars . I can’t finish one banana . how long did you follow this diet

  18. love what ur doing! Definitely not the best food combinations….but some ppl have a stomach like steal

  19. good stuff. for real Raw fitness check my channel brother. and upload again mate. haven’t heard from u in a while. peace

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