36 thoughts on “5 Ways A Plant-Based Vegan Diet Transformed My Life

  1. I’ve been wanting to make a video like this one, and you said everything so well! I’ve been on a plant based diet for about 6 months and I look forward to the continued benefits for my body and my life. Awesome video!

  2. how is the song at the end called? it’s so cool 🙂 
    I experienced some really great improvements too and my way of thinking really changed, I didn’t expect it too at the beginning  🙂
    great video 🙂

    1. +lea pramstrahler yes that’s the tune, I re-created it in garage band using one of the orchestra loops!

  3. Totally love your channel, Dman… I hope you take this constructively. Next video, could you film somewhere there doesn’t have so much furniture in the background? I love listening to you speak, but I find myself distract sometimes, when you film in the living room…. Too much to look at, I feel. I totally feel your energy, and want to 100% tuned in to you, when I watch your videos 🙂 

  4. It’s amazing how one good change leads to another, and how these particular themes seem to cluster together.

    For me I made the change to live more minimally (and in my opinion, richly), then I decided not to have kids unlike all my friends, and somehow that brought me to veganism with the abundant energy, clarity, health, and connection to the world around me that comes with it — and THEN I changed my career path to something more meaningful to myself and others. Anyway, it’s just neat how this stuff seems to go together!

  5. You look soooooo much healthier now babe!!! And I know you have a healthier frame of mind which is the most important. Such a handsome and sweet fella :). Love you!!!

  6. What do you do if you are skinny fat? I have a low bmi only 19/20 but I am quite plumpy and have a bit of a belly, I have been doing this diet for some time now. Do I need to exercise more?

  7. I love your videos… Subbed. Since becoming raw vegan my skin is def starting to improve and I notice that my old acne scars are still on my face. I found glycolic acid on amazon and it’s something I can do to my face once a week, it’s a chemical peel but glycolic acid is found in fruit sugars. It’s au natural. Just thought I’d share. It’s helping and it’s super cheap. Love your channel!

  8. Going vegan probably just got you off the crap. I think you can eat healthy with animal fat and protein and that is healthier. Also you are probably eating less and less blood sugar skies because the food is less processed. Also the exercise helps a lot.

  9. Random question, what is the song you play at the end entitled? I’ve heard the same violin sample in Lupe’s “Prisoner 1&2” song.

  10. Many people are simply born with a fast metabolism…I myself needs lots of protein and carbs to keep me in shape (besides the work out that I do ) otherwise I’ll look like some sick patient.

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