1. Yeah!!!  I love egg salad too!!  I will be purchasing the Lyfebiotic soon and will look forward to making this recipe.  Love you guys!!  Especially Lou!!!  Sheila from Florida.

  2. Is the black salt the same as the pink Himalayan salt? I have that one, but you are saying black salt so it might be different.  I love you Lou!!!  You are so cute.  I love that you wanted to do a plank in the middle of the video!!  When I see you I just want to leave everything behind and come to stay with you.  I love your lifestyle. I like making people healthy too.  What a great way to live!!

    1. I’m going to order it from  this Dr. who supports getting rid of child trafficking in Napal.  The proceeds will go to that.  I found him online looking for black salt.  He sells it.

    2. This black salt is actually pink (but does contain some black rocks/crystals), and tastes of sulfur (which is why it would be good for a faux egg salad). Apparently, the sulfur smell goes away once cooked (not an issue for raw foodies). I love it, but also use other salts like pink Himalayan, sea salt from Mexico (saltrevolution.com), and lava salts from Hawaii. Only the one from ecopolitan.com has that egg-y taste of sulfur that I’ve found so far. It is a super fine grind, unlike the others that come more in crystalline form.

  3. Having raised chickens (for eggs and pets, never for their bodies), I love egg salad or eggs in any form. I wonder if anyone has tried this recipe, which sounds delightful, with any other nut or seed — say, sunflower seeds, or walnuts? Macadamias are quite expensive.

  4. Also will be making this when my coconut order comes in! Thanks y’all!!!! Just got my order of lyfessenstial and lyfezyme soooooo happy. Much love. Ash

  5. “I have a lot of energy” — I can tell!  :-))  Thank you, Lou.  I too was wondering was it black salt or pink salt but Kath209 explained it very well below.

  6. Garlic disrupts our brain wave patters as it crosses the blood brain barrier.  Do some research on garlic.  Better skip the garlic 🙂

    1. Yogis throughout time have known that eating garlic and onions disturb the mind and the brain as it interferes with meditation practice. Also navy pilots have known that eating garlic before flying slows their response times and quickness and so they were not allowed to eat garlic. I’m simply encouraging everyone to question and research it. Thank you for your reply!

  7. Love you both soo much my bruddhas…..planning to get on puradyme to get some enzymes and would love to be able to pick up so of that ecopolitan high sulfur black salt 

  8. I used to make this recipe in the early 70’s when I taught at Hippocrates..and in Lanikai whne I had windsurfing parties with raw food buffets.  but added a few soaked almonds to the Mac Nuts  and a variety of probiotics The sulfer in the salt adds to the effect.

  9. what is your guys opinion on drinking alcohol?  why does lou look like he has a belly on him if he eats like a bird?  do you have any vice’s?

  10. love your synergy in working this … for 5 years since I became vegan, i have been mourning curried egg salad I ate in pocket pita with a ton of alfalfa sprouts … what a great idea, I do believe with the probiotics this will be delish … I grow my own turmeric and this will be fun to design a recipe like this … for years I ate it with tofu and it worked but then I stopped soy and stopped bread so now I will do this and add for my nostalgia ch red onion and ch red pepper and TONS of alfalfa, clover and fenugreek sprouts.  OH YEA, rolled up in a romane or baby collard leaf. Ah-men.  Thanks sooo much Got mac nuts in the freezer and I’m on it.  Happy New Year 2015! and happy new day every day.  Grateful and of course subscribed for years!

  11. Friendly suggestion Dan, what do you think? Seems like after that eggless egg salad is made, might be nice to add some sliced avocado pieces for looks and taste. Has ‘similar’ texture to sliced boiled eggs, mild taste mixes well with different things, and is awesome with salad fixings! Get fancy and target the yellow heavy parts, to be more visually persuasive especially once they are nestled in the salad, partly exposed.

    I can’t wait to try this recipe and the cultured food and probiotic tips. Great vid, really appreciate such recipes and food prep inspirationals, and I dig the personal connected’ness, family sprouts all over, hehe. =)

  12. Lou! You are awesome!!! God bless you both!
    ( I guess the high SULFUR content of the salt is key in this recipe?)

  13. I must say this recipe is absolutely on point. Additionally, I like my eggs a little sweet therefore, I added 1 tsp. organic honey. I am super amazed in how it taste like eggs. Wow!!!

  14. There is far too much talking in this video, just give the recipe and demonstration.  Stop preaching and get on with it

  15. For the budget conscious: just add fermented hard winter wheat berries liquid ( Rejuvalac) and replace the  purchase of the probiotics. 🙂

  16. Lou Corona pitching his Residual Monthly Income in the form of Enzymes, lolllllllllllll … But That’s ok and I love your guys for sharing your zest of juicing making healthy recipes God Bless, Peace and Goodwill in your quest of making a living doing these videos websites selling products being supported from your audience …

  17. Can I PLEASE have the web site for the black salt … thank you soooooooooo much !!!  NAmaste’

    1. +Lydia Appelmans The Masi and Native Americans knew to let the Females feed on the kill first.  They knew not the scientific/ medical reasons,  However this would appease the Gods of sparing them of the curse of the (for lack of better words)  Stench of the Sqaws.  Look it up.

    2. Do you think I look unhealthy Slimm Jimm ? I’m almost 63 and my sex drive is better now than when I was 30

    3. My husband appreciates it that my poop does not stink anymore since I quit meat and dairy LOL

    4. Your Boyfriend would really appreciate it if you enjoyed 1 steak meal a week or even a couple Chicken sandwiches.  If you know what I mean.

    5. +Lydia Appelmans My bloodwork is perfect since I don’t eat animals and animal products anymore. So please stop making excuses

  18. Love You Dan becouse you are very passionate and careful to show everything 🙂 I didn’t understand what type of salt was it 🙂 thank you love this recipe bye Peace 🙂

  19. after all the talking and explaining how to make macadamia cultured cream, he starts actually making it at 5:24

  20. I tried the supplied email for Bruce…. Sadly I was informed Bruce has passed away, but they still seem to be taking orders…. I’ll keep looking for other sources….

  21. I love these videos but they’re so all over the place I can’t get through them unless I’m high out of my gotdamn mind.

    1. i still like them and theirs lots to learn from them but if they would stop trying to sell their products so much they would sell themselves if you make good videos and have good knowledge and good products

  22. that lemon squeezer is made of aluminum i think at least all the ones wear i live thats why i havent bought one

  23. i tried kombucha once and didnt taste that bad but i felt sick after and couple days later im sick so idk about all these cultured food

  24. Hi, does he soak his macadamia nuts in water first for 5-6 hours, and then add LyfBiotic? Also, how long does he let the LyfBiotic sit in the macadamia nuts?

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