1. I remember having whey shakes pre vegan. I’m yet to try any vegan protein shakes – I find the whole idea so overwhelming! But this video has really helped. I went for the Garden of Life one in the end just because there was such a good deal on amazon. I read really mixed reviews but fingers crossed it will be okay 🙂 Thanks again!

    2. +Caysha J Cheers Caysha glad you found it helpful. Yeah, I found that one pretty good I am trying a new protein that is Whey but Lactose free called Isopure. Only got it yesterday so shall see how that goes. Find the Whey protein mixes soooo much easier than the vegan based blends and taste much better too. Good luck hop ethat one works for you :o)

  1. great video…which one has the highest protein % versus carbs….i am looking for one with the highest protein with very low to zero carbs…………………. peace

  2. You said the first protein was not organic and had lots of additives and colourings and such , but in reality it’s a protein taken from peas in a chemical free process. It’s also free from artificial sweeteners and colourings. And all the process is environmentally friendly. It’s protein is also 98% digestible. You may not like the taste, but it’s a fantastic product with a great price tag.

    1. +Tiago Varela none of these have a great price tag, they are all super overpriced, especially ones like sunwarrior and vega

    1. Hi, no these are not all meal replacements the Raw Meal is a meal replacement but the rest are just protein powders. Thanks

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