VEGAN BANANA BREAD – oil, gluten & refined sugar free, easy HCLF recipe. 6 ingredients.

71 thoughts on “VEGAN BANANA BREAD – oil, gluten & refined sugar free, easy HCLF recipe. 6 ingredients.

  1. Tried this today and it was absolutely delicious! So so good! Even my (really picky) siblings liked it! Yeehh! 😄
    Ps: You can substitute dates with dried plums or raisins. I used half dates and half plums and it made zero difference😝

    1. +jenna icenhower of course if you use other non dairy milk that is not almond milk,oat milk, rice milk……;)

  2. Epic! I am making this right now. I love how you made the oats into flour. I never would have thought of that. I love oatmeal. I know this is going to turn out amazing. thank you so much for sharing. This is literally the first time I’ve ever made banana bread, but it won’t be the last.♡

  3. hi, I have it in the oven so we´ll see how it turns out!!! I added some crushed walnuts and some dark chocolate pieces!!!

    1. Naturally they are, but many in the stores are contaminated with gluten because of how they are processed and packaged. But you can get gluten free oats.

    2. +Anna Oats are naturally gluten free but are often contaminated with gluten in the process of making, so i would suggest using oats with gluten free mark on package if you have intolerance (like me).

    1. dudes, so many alternatives. I have rare conditions so I’ve become a master of finding alternatives that don’t put me in hospital. e.g. date syrup / maple / coconut syrup , so many options, or raw cane juice, coconut sugar, stevia power, stevia liquid, or just more ripened banana for sweetness!

  4. I’ve just made this (used 1 tbsp of maple sirup instead of dates and for dairy free milk i used coconut milk) and it’s delicious! Without dates it’s IBS friendly and very filling in small quantities. THANK YOU for this recipe 🙂

    1. +Jenni yes, i think bananas add the sweet taste already and i dodn’t want it to be too sugary, but you can always use more maple sirup 😛 though it was ok for me, i won’t be adding more maple sirup next time either 🙂

    1. originally they are, but most oatmeal brands are not because they are process oats in facilities that also process wheat and other grains that has gluten.
      but you can also find brands that sell gluten free oats.

  5. im assuming making muffins with this recipe would work? and what kind of paper did you use?

  6. I was really excited about this recipe, but for some reason mine turned out to be a little sour, I think it might have been because of the baking powder. I’m also not too sure about the oat flour, the texture wasn’t the same as normal banana bread, but I guess that’s a trade off for being gluten-free. in any case, thanks for the recipe, I think I’ll try it next time with almond flour and maybe less baking powder!

  7. THIS.IS.AWESOME. I did it in a blender since my food processor is broken. I added a few Stevia drops because my bananas were not ripe. The crust was really hars, but I like it that way xD it is incredible and super healthy!! It tastes almost like a “normal” cake 😮 Today I couldn’t resist to eat one slice (and I am counting calories ooops) because its taste. I am definetely going to have some for breakfast with chocolate nicecream.

  8. just made this, it’s in the oven now. the batter tasted so good! i may have scrapped as much out of the bowl/processor to eat it 😂😂

    exept i was lazy and used self raising flower instead of oats and baking soda. my processor doesn’t blend the oats finely enough. hopefully it comes out okay

  9. +plantbased judy I’ve tried your recipe and my family, friends and I really like it. Thx 4 sharing it! Blessings from Argentina 😊

  10. How do you get the proportions right when you create a new baking recipe? To keep it from being too dry/get the consistency you want.

  11. instead or dates and cane sugar and agave , maple syrup or anything of that sort what can I use ? and does it come out big , I want a small one would I just use 2 cups of oats and 3 bananas ?

  12. just made this and although the taste is great, the texture came out really dense but mushy at the same time (?) like the bread didn’t rise and the texture tastes almost like baked oatmeal (you can feel the little grains). help? :'(

  13. Good job I am not a Celiac vegan otherwise I will be sick with misleading recipes like yours!,
    Celiacs cannot eat oats because comes from wheat, wheat has gluten !!!!!! What you are offering is not gluten free So it’s not free as you describe unless you do not use wheat products or you replace it for processed gluten free flour or other alternative to wheat products!!!!!!!!

    1. Nat Babe Get gluten free certified oats/oat flour. I have gf certified oat flour. I guess you can use brown rice flour.

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